Confidence is Key

Henrietta Easton tells the story behind her own personal every day fashion choices and asks her friends to contribute. This amazing group all have something unique to share, but prove a common point that fashion and personal style is a means of communicating with the world. 

Having grown up with three sisters, leaving to come to university meant that I had a lot less clothes options to choose from, because who doesn’t steal their sisters clothes?  As a young teenager I was really influenced by what my sisters used to wear and what they said about the outfits I put together. I didn't have much confidence, and I only ever felt that I looked really good if they gave my outfit their nod of approval. I really was insecure seeing that I needed approval from my ten-year-old sister when I was fifteen! Now that I live away, I personally choose the way that I want to dress. I have found my style and I am proud of it, which is the way it should be. Not that I don’t still borrow their clothes or listen to what they have to say, because with three girls saying ‘erm interesting choice’ or ‘are you going to a fancy dress party?’ whenever you leave the house, you can’t not listen, but I no longer need their approval.

Choosing my clothes for the next day is the last thing I do at night, and possibly my favourite time of day because I know that the next morning I am ready to embrace the new day in an outfit that I have chosen, that gives me confidence, and that makes me feel like me. This is the most important way to use the clothes you own, be brave and never be afraid to wear anything, if it makes you feel confident the world around you will notice.

I decided to ask my friends to choose an outfit that made them feel good about themselves and tell me why. This really proved my point that we are all completely different and feel confident in very different ways. 

Lottie said I really love the whole retro vibe, especially these silver shoes. My parents used to wear stuff like this so I never wore it because it felt out of datecoming to University is a way for me to bring it back and experiment.'

Leah said I feel comfortable in the classic A-line skirt - you know its going to be secure on a blustery St Andrews winter day and it works with my height. Being a redhead, green is a good way to inject colour into my wardrobe!

Harriet said - ‘I am all about comfort! Jeans and trainers are my go to items and wearing clothes that are relaxed and casual instantly make me feel ready to take on the day.’

Harriet said - ‘I’m very much a person who just likes to wear jeans so dungarees are a great way to mix it up a bit. Its a 90s throwback and its so great!’

Sally said - Ive had this dress since I was 12 and its literally missing buttons but its a bit of home! Its super comfortable and versatile and my number one go to outfit.'

Clemmie said- ‘I love roll necks! I like how you can wear dangly earrings with them and they go with everything. The sparkles on my skirt and my shoes also make me happy!'                                             

And I said ‘this skirt is my absolute favourite because of the beautiful stand out colour and the classic, extremely flattering shape. I always feel classy when wearing it, and I need only pair it with a simple black top, the skirt speaks for itself!’

Fashion for me now, as a shy person, is how I give myself confidence; I choose what I am going to wear to help myself feel braver. Personal style is an expression of the way you feel, the way you want others to see you and, most importantly, the way that you see yourself. It is, in my opinion, one of the most important things in life and something that can really have an influence on happiness. Feeling confident in your clothes is the greatest and one of the most powerful feelings; it can completely change a person within and help those around them to notice them for who they really are.

Taking these pictures of my friends and watching them feel important in front of the camera in their chosen outfits, proved my point that we all express ourselves and feel confident in unique and wonderful ways, and our clothes are an absolutely crucial way of allowing us to do this.