Fall Fashion

As we wave summer goodbye and welcome in the Fall, Jo Boon offers some fashion tips to compliment the season. Autumn is possibly the most beautiful time of year with red, orange and gold all around us; but with misty mornings and sudden showers it can also be the trickiest to dress for. Here’s a run down of what we’d recommend. 

Keep it bright

Autumn is such a fabulous time of year; everything is bursting with colour so why not keep your wardrobe that way too? You can bring out the classic spectrum of warmth: red, orange and gold, or you can be a little more experimental in the bright colours you go for. Summer isn’t the only time for brightness, the outfits are just styled a little differently in Autumn. You may have to don a rain coat occasionally but there’s no reason it has to be in a muted colour. Shake off that British reserve and experiment with some colour blocks, patterns and jazzy pairings.

Cosy and comfortable

There’s a definite chill in the air now, so make sure you dress appropriately to the weather. Whether it’s pulling on a pair of fluffy socks or a cosy jumper, stay comfortable throughout this Autumn season. You can still pull this off while you’re at work; there are plenty of ways to stay smart but make sure you’re wrapping up warm as well. Everyone loves a cable knit jumper at the weekends though, so pick your favourites and don’t be ashamed to re- wear them through the season.

Select the right shoes

A word to the wise: a good pair of boots never go out of style. They’re great for country walks to enjoy the fall scenery and sunshine, so take off and escape reality for a while. Any gender can rock a great pair of boots and they come in endless styles. Whether you’re a ‘sturdy and practical’ kind of person, or can’t be seen without heels and well polished leather, select the pair for you and take to these autumnal streets in style.

Autumn accessories

Layers are essential at this time of year: they’re practical, they keep you warm but they’re also super stylish. You can take any outfit, however plain and re- style it through the accessories you choose. If you need to stay warm then pick out some fabulous scarves, hats and gloves to keep you feeling gorgeous, whilst still well padded from the wind. Bright red nails or lips, some colourful jewelry and a handy travel mug can all help to complete the perfect look for you.

A touch of individuality

Be an autumn individual! Tweed and tartan may match this time of year well, but there’s no reason to conform if you don’t want to. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with something new, everything is in flux and the weather’s always changing. Take these tips on if they work for you, or go on your way and contribute to the diversity in this Autumnal season.