The Edge of Cheating

What motivates people to cheat? Whilst disloyalty in a relationship is inexcusable and leads to hurt, we take a look at the grey area that leads those feeling emotionally neglected to this path of thought...

Wow, this guy is really nice. Such a great conversationalist! I love what he’s saying about….woah! His eyes are gorgeous! Now that you mention it, his face in its entirety is pretty pleasing to the eye. His demeanour, his build, his manner of speaking. I bet those lips could whisper some pretty dirty things in your ear.

F**k! No! Bad! Open your phone and look at pictures of your boyfriend! Do it NOW. Look how cute and sweet he is. Think about the last time you saw him, when you went down to visit. Okay, okay, my boyfriend is kissing me, his hand begins to wander and…wait a minute…when did my boyfriend become blond? F**K! That’s not my boyfriend! That’s the other guy!


Cue Little Mixes’ “Out my Hair”. Do not think about this guy. You had a nice conversation. Move on and continue with life. I forbid myself to think about him anymore. Think of your boyfriend. The way he smiles at you…the way his eyes sparkle…that look he gives you. But that look was so similar to the way the other guy just looked at you…maybe it meant something?

F**K! NO! That ban on thinking about him lasted, what? Ten seconds?

Okay, reason this through. Even if, EVEN IF, you were single (which you’re not) he wouldn’t be interested in anything. You shouldn’t even have to use that as a rationale not to think about him anymore. That should not be a reason for you not to think disloyal thoughts about your boyfriend! But, he’s in London. Would he ever even find out?


Now the other guy has popped up on Facebook. It’s like the whole world is against me! Why has my boyfriend not been online for eight hours? EIGHT HOURS! Phones have wi-fi for a reason! Well, maybe I can answer just this one message. He was asking a question after all. Perfectly harmless and innocent, just telling a friend the answer to the question he asked. Okay, it’s over, close the chatbox. F**K, he’s already responded. What did he say? Uh oh, a winky face. It is NEVER good when they pull out the winky face.


F**k, okay, let’s just call him. He might be at work…damnit, damnit. Okay, just don’t respond to this message from the other guy. But you want to, don’t you? Just one more response, something innocuous, something light. Okay, sent. Oh, he’s seen it. Oh…he’s not responding…why isn’t he responding? Did I say something wrong? Wait, f**k! That’s a good thing. I don’t WANT him to respond…but I do. I know I do. Deep down I want him to talk to me.

Okay, there’s my boyfriend, he’s online now. Surely he’ll send me a message. I mean, he just saw my last one. Surely my BOYFRIEND is going to respond to me…but he isn’t. He read the message and now…wait, he went offline? And the other guy just responded.