Top Ten Winter Date Ideas

It’s that time of year again when Rowan Atkinson is popping things in the Christmas box, Jude Law has shown up at the snowy cottage door, and we finally have an excuse to Christmas up our romance. Label brings you our top ten winter inspired dates... 

1. Ice Skating

This quintessential Christmas date is an absolute must! Torvill and Dean really wont have anything on you…wrap up in warm winter gear and head out to your local ice rink.

Price: Prices vary depending on where you go, but a ticket will cost around £15 per person. Check out coupon sites and you’ll be sure to save $$

2. Christmas Market

Even the Grinch would be taken by the charm of a Christmas market. All major cities will have one, and smaller towns will often have a Christmas fayre at some point over the winter break. Grab a cup of mulled wine and check out the stalls filled with Christmas inspired items. 

Price: Most Christmas markets are usually free of charge - just be careful of the inflated price tags if you’re watching the purse strings. 

3. Movie Night

A Christmas inspired film will be sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Get the marshmallows and hot chocolate for the perfect night in. Sometimes the simplest dates are the best. 

Price: If you’re lucky there will be a film showing on TV, if not films are fairly inexpensive to rent, sometimes as little as 99p. 

4. Bake Off

A guaranteed success, even if you aren’t Mary Berry. Show off your culinary skills and bake some sweet gingerbread treats for you and your date. Start off simple and soon you’ll be making an absolute show stopper. Spice things up and compete with your date…who will win the bake off?

Price: Do your research as baking can often add up and become expensive. Look at what you already have stashed away in the cupboard and look for the unbranded baking goods. 

5. Christmas Shopping

Even if its just window shopping, this is a great opportunity to spend time with one another. You might even get away with dropping a few hints and finding out the perfect gift for your partner. 

Price: Resist the temptation of buying and you end up with a free date!

6. Walk in a Winter Wonderland

An often overlooked and underrated date, explore somewhere new and enjoy the countryside. Try taking a picnic and blanket, and wrap up warm and cosy!

Price: Totally free! By taking a picnic you’ll be sure to save money on food.

7. City Break

Take the train to the nearest big city and go sightseeing. If you have the time, spend a couple of nights there giving you more time to explore and view the Christmas lights and markets. Spend quality time with your partner and take full advantage of the Christmas buzz which will fill the city. 

Price: Often cities work out to be reasonably expensive dates, especially if you plan to spend the night. Check out voucher sites such as Wowcher and you might be able to save.

8. Be the Grinch

Be the Grinch for a day, and have an anti-Christmas date. Dust off the barbecue and put on some burgers. You might have to indulge in an outdoor heater or fire so wrap up, but try the shorts and boots look, or pull out that cute summer dress and throw on a coat instead. Put on your summer playlist and bring the sunshine back to a cold wintery night. 

Price: If you don’t have a barbecue, try borrowing one or head to the supermarket and pick up a disposable one for a couple of pounds. This date is sure not to break the bank. 

9. Sledging

Okay, a weekend break to Courchevel is unrealistic. BUT, if you’re lucky enough to get snow this winter, take the next best thing and go sledging. It’s a guaranteed laugh for you and your date. 

Price: Sledges can be picked up from the local hardware store for a couple of pounds. 

10. Speakeasy

Take a break from the mayhem of Christmas and find a secret drinking spot this Christmas. Speakeasies are a growing trend, especially in big cities. Although meant to be secret a quick google search will locate your nearest one.

Price: Speakeasies tend to be pricey, with speciality cocktails costing up to £15.