Shake off those Boxing Day blues

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, are still enjoying hanukkah or having fun with whatever wintry holiday you celebrate. For those who are all about the 'big day', boxing day can leave us feeling a little blue. The presents are opened, we've proved it's possible to gain weight in a day, the fun is over but the family are still very much there... Boxing day isn't all doom and gloom though, in fact, it's possibly even more exciting than Christmas day.

Boxing day is here, and we have to wait another year until it's Christmas day again. If you're feeling blue, or a little flat after all the build up and excitement, then take some time for yourself today. There's nothing wrong with a little post- Christmas pampering, so enjoy the opened presents, the leftovers and find a hideout if you need to. Here are our top tips on how to shake off those Boxing Day blues and keep on celebrating in style. 

1) Keep it classic- go for the boxing day walk

You can't go wrong with a classic boxing day walk: get some fresh air, burn off a few calories and escape the house for a little. Whether you love your family or tensions are starting to run high (or, a combination of the two), then it can be nice to find a change of pace. Lounging around is one of the best parts of Christmas, but sometimes it's nice to break that up with a little light exercise with frost on the ground and family all around. 

2) Enjoy your new gifts!

Take some time to enjoy your presents and feel loved by those that bought them for you. Whether it's flicking through a new book, soaking up a bath bomb or working your way steadily through a chocolate box, there's so much to be enjoyed now all the presents are out from under the tree. 

3) Make time for yourself

Christmas can be a hyper- social time of year, and it's totally understandable if that's rather tiring. If you need some time away from friends and family to just read a good book or take a shower then do what you need to do- you know your mental health best. Having said that, this is a great time to reach out to your extended support group and spend some quality time with those that love you. Whatever kind of Christmas it's been for you, trust yourself to make the decision that's best for your mental health. 

4) Get some rest

First order of business: a long lie in. Christmas can be pretty exhausting, there's a lot of preparation that goes into it, so take a step back now it's all over. Get some sleep, curl up with a good book, have a long catch up with a friend or family member. Take Boxing day as a total 'chill out' day, write off productivity and enjoy the Christmasy feeling without all the ceremony of Christmas day. 

5) A chance to reflect

Many of us celebrate religious festivals around this time of year and, even for those who don't, Christmas has still come to symbolise certain things: love, forgiveness, hope... None of those things come and go with Christmas day, it's just a focus point for us to think about them more often. None of those things go with the decorations, Boxing day is as much a chance for us to show our love for one another as Christmas day, or any other day of the year.