Exclusive: Interview with the CEO of Neon Moon

Jo Boon goes behind the scenes of one of the fashion industries fastest growing body positive brands, NEON MOON. The company started just 18 months ago, founded by the incredible Hayat Rachi who has proved the power of start- ups and hunger for more from the body positive community. NEON MOON was founded only just before Label, and Hayat and Jo first met in London when the two brands were being launched. We had the honour of showcasing NEON MOONs lingerie at our first fashion show, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Please could you introduce yourself, tell us a little about your background and what motivated you to start Neon Moon.

My name is Hayat Rachi, I'm the CEO and founder of Neon Moon. I come from a Moroccan family and am passionate about body positivity. I have always felt that we (women) deserve better when it comes to lingerie, so set up Neon Moon with the help of Princes Trust in 2014, despite having no background in fashion or lingerie. In March 2015 our online Kickstarter went viral and it has been a whirlwind ever since. 

How would you describe Neon Moon to someone new to the company?

Neon Moon is a feminist lingerie company. We make underwear designed to be worn by women comfortably and encourage them to embrace their natural shapes. We are objectification, sexualisation, sweatshop and photoshop free, because we believe that natural beauty should be celebrated.

How did you found the company? What lessons have you learned along the way so far?

A few years ago, I was shopping for lingerie in Westfield London. I overheard two young girls talking - they couldn’t have been over thirteen. They were wondering if this bra was gonna make their boobs look bigger. Wasn’t I asking myself the same questions when I was about their age? Why aren’t we encouraged to embrace our natural shape?  I rushed out of the store without buying anything. Someone had to do something about this, and that’s how Neon Moon was born. It’s time to have a lingerie brand that makes you feel good about yourselves!

What have been the most prominent challenges you've faced so far?

Changing people's mentality towards the lingerie they wear and their bodies. So many women have been influenced to feel that their body isn’t perfect for years, it is hard to present our vision to them that they are beautiful  the way they are and help them to embrace it. Our lingerie is new and innovative, and it is always hard getting people to try something new. Once we do, they love it!

Have there been any particularly striking stories you've discovered along the way?

One of the Neon Moon models that we have worked with, Robyn, was extremely brave in opening up about her previous suicide attempt. Her Neon Moon shoot was the first time that she shown her scars to anyone other than her close family, which was emotional, but liberating for her. She has since participated in our body positive live drawing event at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where it was amazing to see her rocking the Neon Moon lingerie proudly amongst the grecian statutes, and laughing with her friends. We love you Robyn!

Who else has been central to the founding of Neon Moon?

The Prince's Trust back has been vital to our journey and our  online Kickstarter. Women around the world loved our ethos and our message and wanted to be a part of our body positive movement. Thank you for sharing our vision and help us turn it into a reality.

If people want to support or work with Neon Moon, how should they go about it?

The best way to support us would be to buy some lingerie! Please reach out to us on team@neonmoon.co, we would love to hear your ideas and stories.

Why is the company called Neon Moon..?

For the full interview, and more details on NEON MOON pick up your copy of our next print magazine. The print issue will be full of all the behind the scenes details you don't want to miss out on- keep an eye out.