Students Off Duty go Behind the Scenes

Jo Boon and Kate O’sullivan tell us about the challenges of creating the first body-positive fashion show in St Andrews.

Don’t you think there are too many fashion shows in St. Andrews?

Jo: I don’t think there are too many. Fashion is such a huge platform. We are adding things so completely different as well that hopefully it is going to be a completely new take on a fashion show. I think we do have a huge fashion culture here and everyone loves it but I don’t think everyone feels included in it. Also, we are planning to expand and to do a spin off theatre pieces later. We might expand to Edinburgh festival, hopefully and already have a show booked for this summer in Manchester.
Kate: No, not at all. I think fashion is such an important way to express yourself, and there are so many facets to it. I also think there is room for Label, we’re are, as Jo says, doing a completely new take. A big celebratory event of fashion and what it means to people.

 For the full transcript of the interview and some snaps from from the photo shoot, please take a look at Students Off Duty article.