The Saint sits down with Label’s Founder, Jo Boon

St Andrews has a new fashion show; Label. The Saint sat down with one of the Co-Convenors Jo Boon, to discuss the event, which she describes as “a platform of self-expression and a celebration of identity.”

St Andrews’ social scene is notorious for two event types: its balls, and its fashion shows. And so the introduction of yet another fashion show naturally makes us ask the question: why is this one significant?

The answer is straightforward: Label operates on a new premise, one that promotes the representation of diversity (spanning all categories) in fashion. Label’s motto is “to celebrate beauty with a difference across gender, sexuality, physical diversity, and mental health.”

As this is the first body-positive fashion show in St Andrews, Ms Boon aims to ‘push boundaries’ and create a safe space for students to feel appreciated and celebrate their natural beauty. It is common, she says, for students – especially those who do not fit the societal norms – to sometimes feel marginalised as a result, and so with the introduction of Label, Ms Boon hopes to reduce this feeling and encourage the celebration of individuality – regardless of physical or mental disability, or sexuality or gender differences…

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