Top 10 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate the love in your life. I’m going to suggest some gifts for different people you love and how to enjoy Valentine’s day without being pressured into conforming or succumbing to capitalist traditions if you don’t want to.

What would you like most this Valentines day?

1. Oxfam gift cards

This is one my favourite gifts to ever receive. It’s thoughtful and shows how much you care whilst making a positive difference in the world. Celebrate your love for someone by letting them share in your generosity and helping others. There’s a huge range of Oxfam’s charity gift cards to choose from so personalise the gift to your relationship.

2. Make something

Whether it’s a mixed tape of favourite songs or something more creative, making a gift always shows extra effort and care. Whether it’s for a partner, a best friend or family member, put some time into making them something special this Valentines day.

3. Go classic: their favourite flower

Red roses are cliché but always a gift to be appreciated. If that’s not your scene then find out what their favourite flower is and buy or make a bouquet to surprise them.

4. Write to them

If you don’t want to buy a gift or feel like it’s not the best way to express affection then say it with words. A letter will always be treasured and has an old fashioned charm that nothing you buy ever will. Your handwriting, words and thoughtfulness are sure to win them over.

5. Cook dinner

Who doesn’t love food? Allow them to relax and de-stress whilst bringing them all the benefits of a delicious meal. If they enjoy being in the kitchen too then cook together and share the trials and successes that preparing good food brings.

6. Chocolates

Ok so maybe it’s cliché but you really can’t go far wrong. Find out their favourites and treat them to a little pampering. Bubble bath, candles, moisturiser etc. all follow a similar thought pattern and are sure to be enjoyed.

7. Goody bag

Sticking with the thought above, why not put together a collection of little treats to help your loved one relax. Show them you listen and know what they love by putting together a bag of goodies that will make their day.

8. Photo album

Print out some of your favourite photographs with this person or people and offer a reminder of all your best memories. They’re cheap to make but show real time and effort and are a lasting reminder of what the relationship means to you.

9. Love list

It’s super cheesy but everyone needs to be reminded they are loved sometimes. Whether you write it out, send it in a message or tell them in person: let your loved one know what makes them special. It’s a scary thing to do but everyone likes to be told why they are valued.

10. Everyday item

Keep it super simple and give them something that they actually need and will use on a daily basis. It will show how well you know them and be a daily reminder that you care and are there for them.