Tinder at the Fringe

If, like me, your dream first date would be going to the theatre then there is no better place to be on tinder than the Fringe. The Fringe is a great place to find any kind of relationship and remember that as long as you’re communicating and consenting then healthy and happy affairs can be found in all their forms.

Looking for a fling?

The Fringe is the perfect place to find a fling. People are passing through from all over the world and if you want a time limit on your relationship then a month long theatre festival will serve you well. It’s easy to meet people who are in a transitional stage, either about to return to uni for the year or who have just graduated and are moving on to exciting new lives. Get to know them for a summer fling and then part ways with no hard feelings. I’m sure this works equally well for one stands and with so many actors in town some seriously fiery affairs are just waiting to be found.

Looking for something serious?

On the flip side of this, the Fringe is a great place to meet like-minded people who love theatre, art and are probably happy living out of a suitcase. It’s an exciting time to meet people who share your passion for treading the boards, prioritise theatre over money (no one here has any) or want to talk about what they’ve seen through the day. There will almost always be someone here from your uni or hometown so if you’re looking for commitment then what better way to narrow people down on tinder than to find out if you want to see the same shows?

Looking for something outside St Andrews?

I love being a St Andrews student but I do not love having to retreat out of Tesco aisles because the guy I had a fling with is now dating someone who is on the same committee as my best friend. It is almost impossible to date someone in St Andrews without everyone knowing or having friends in common. If you want to keep your love life secret than start matching people at the Fringe, there are many attractive people in Edinburgh and it’s close enough to be able to see each other but far enough that you lose the intensity of dating in St Andrews. Dating outside the bubble seems like such an attractive idea.

Looking for international love?

During the Fringe the whole world descends on Edinburgh. Almost every nationality around the globe is represented somewhere on the stage, behind the scenes or in the audiences. If you want to meet someone outside of your sphere of experience then now’s your chance. Meet amazing travellers and learn about their lives; find love along the way? What an amazing bonus.

Looking for fun?

The Fringe is the most amazing fun and so are the people here. Most people are sleeping squashed five to a room, drinking every night, catching comedy sketches, floating between gay bars and busy meeting new people. If you want to meet someone fun loving and free thinking then there is no better place to do it. Throw on your comfiest, craziest clothes and always carry around the basics you need for any 48 hour period because who knows where you’ll end up.


Tinder is not just about hook ups or even about relationships necessarily, it’s just a way of facilitating meeting new people. If you are looking to sleep with someone thought then remember the three C’s: consent, contraception and communication. Think about yourself, what you want and then find what you are comfortable with. Don’t feel ashamed of what you want but don’t be pressured into anything you don’t want to do either.

‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’~ RuPaul