Confidence is so damn hot

'Confidence is so damn hot' is one of the key lyrics in Nitty Gritty by Jess and the Bandits. Take a listen to their song in our Body Positive Playlist on Spotify: So what do you think? Another means of objectification, or a way of reclaiming our own beauty? 

True confidence is a wonderful thing and, whilst it may make you more attractive, can also make you immeasurably happier. The insecurity that comes with trying to meet society's impossible standards can hold you back and stop you from playing the game. By contrast, people always seem drawn to confidence and it can certainly help you carry off a lot. 

I'm convinced that being confident is more important than being attractive. Confidence is all about owning the space around you and not giving a damn what others think. Ok, that doesn't mean hurting people or neglecting their feelings, but it does mean not letting their opinions of you preventing you from living as you want. 

Society's pressures may chip away at our confidence, but it's an awesome thing to overcome that. As the song, Nitty Gritty says, 'don't matter if you're fat / don't matter if you're skinny / don't matter if you're only six/ or pushing sixty...' Who cares what your number on a scale or calendar is? Certainly no one worth listening to. 

True beauty is all about embracing self love and self worth. Don't let anyone else define your standards, your beauty of your worth for you. Confidence is damn hot, but it's also great for you as an individual.