The greatest invention of all time: The Vibrator

Have you always wanted to try using a vibrator? Slightly frightened of them? Not sure what all the hype is all about? Don't worry, this article takes you through everything you need to know about vibrators; from where to get them and how much they cost, through to what the differences are between each type. This article dispels the myths and gets you up to speed on everything you need to know. 

There seems to be a taboo surrounding sex toys. I’m not sure why; I personally think they’re one of the most incredible inventions of all time. However, most of my friends seem a bit scared of them, or at least mildly intimidated. So, as someone who owns ten sex toys, I want to share some of my personal favourite vibrators and where to find them for those who are interested, but aren’t sure where to start.

Step 1: Where to buy them

The first thing that people usually say to me when they find out I own ten vibrators is: “But where did you get them?” And then when I tell them I buy them online: “But isn’t it embarrassing to receive packages from sex shops?”

Most places that sell sex toys are aware that people aren’t comfortable with broadcasting their purchases to the entire world, meaning that the packaging is nearly always discreet. For instance, I bought one vibrator from a website called Pleasure Chest, but the purchase showed up on both my card statement and the packaging as PC Apparel. 

For convenience sake, I buy most of my vibrators from Amazon, as it is usually the most affordable option. Personally, I’ve found that buying vibrators in person tends to be much more expensive and embarrassing. 

Step 2: What to Buy

We’ll start off with the classic choice: the bullet vibrator.  

Pros: It’s small enough to easily hide, not so loud that people can hear it through thin walls, and strong enough to get you off quickly. It also usually has 5-10 different functions and comes in exciting colours. 

Cons: It might be a bit strong for beginners and they tend to take specialised batteries which I always have to order separately and in bulk. 

Price: The vibrators themselves are about 10 pounds on Amazon.

Another smaller vibrator that I like is the lipstick vibe.  

Pros: I can keep it in my purse without anyone getting suspicious, and while they’re louder than the bullet, they’re still not too loud. Instead of different settings, they have usually have a dial at the bottom where you can adjust the intensity to your liking, making them better for beginners. 

Cons: Unfortunately, they also take specialised batteries, and people always think it’s really odd when I have 50 watch batteries sitting on my desk. 

Price: These are 10-30 pounds on Amazon. 


My favourite vibrator at the moment is my rabbit. 

Pros: I prefer clitoral stimulation to vaginal stimulation so I avoided getting one for a long time, but my rabbit is great for both and is actually the quietest vibrator I own. I’m a little bit in love with it. It also takes normal AAA batteries. 

Cons: The only major downside is that they’re quite large and also very obviously a sex toy. 

Price: These are 10-40 pounds on Amazon. 

I also own the legendary Hitachi vibrator, the one you always see in porn, but I personally think they’re overrated - and horribly loud. 

Important note: I’ve heard whisperings that you should avoid penetrative sex toys made out of silicone or jelly, and should instead only buy ones made out of materials such as glass. I don’t know too much about this, and frankly am too broke to care, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. 

Step 3: Love yourself

Now that you know a bit more about vibrators, I hope you feel more comfortable going out and treating yourself to one. There’s nothing shameful about a bit of self-love, and we could all use the gift of a thousand orgasms. You’ll thank yourself for it later.