Week in Pictures : Label Arts Festival

Here is our first WEEK IN PICTURES at Label Press, enjoy! It's been a busy week as we're already in the lead up to our launch in St Andrews, Scotland. Lets take a look back at the last week though and the body positive arts festival that we ran in Manchester. 

Here are our five favourite pictures from Label : Arts Festival. It was an absolutely amazing night, thank you so much to everyone who contributed and came along to support us. Here are some shots that help some up the night: 

The Kaptivators were the first band to perform on the night and really set the tone for the whole evening. They lifted everyone's spirits and brought so much energy to the quirky venue. We cannot recommend them highly enough and hope to work with them again very soon! 

Rachael Hastie, Head of Logistics for our annual fashion show, helped to run the arts festival in Manchester. Here she is giving a talk before our first film of the night, made for us by the Manchester Indie Filmmakers Group who produced a piece on leaving with a disability. 

Cassia were the second band of the night and surpassed their already impressive reputation. They're an insanely talented group of individuals whose performances are not to be missed. They took the event to the next level and had everyone dancing around the club. 

Jo Boon, who founded Label and ran this event, is from Manchester originally and lots of her friends and family came to support her on the night. Here is a shot with her and a group of her oldest friends, because we're all about that love and support here at Label. 

Here is a group shot of The Kaptivators that captures their family feeling. All in all, a fab night with lots of truly amazing people there - we hope to see you all next year! #labellove