Catwalk Presents 'Undergrowth': A Preview

Label's Fashion Editor, Caroline McWilliams, met with Emeka Egwuagu, member of the Catwalk Creative Team to discuss the concept behind this year's fashion show. Emeka styled the recent 'Attention' photo shoot as part of this year's promotional material. Photo credits to Maddie Barr and Paige Onouye. 

The town of St Andrews and its ancient university possess an incredibly unique talent: to inspire creativity and to embrace the individual. The approximate 8,000 students who call this town home come from a plethora of countries, from different faiths, cultures and upbringings. What they have in common is their desire to succeed in whatever field they choose and to help others in the process. For the purpose of embracing this desire, a wealth of societies and groups exist with a topical one this week being Catwalk Charity Fashion Show.

As part of the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign, taking place during RAG Week, Catwalk fuses fundraising, this year for Women for Women International, Anthony Nolan and Frontline Fife, with a fast, dynamic runway fashion show. Catwalk returned to the St Andrews social calendar in 2016 after a hiatus and proved to be an excellent show. 

This year the concept behind the show is ‘Undergrowth’ which “investigates unseen urban cultures, deconstructing ideas of success, celebrity and luxury.” Each model is shown to be an individual with a vibrant personality rather than a mannequin to display luxury designer clothes upon.

Label’s Fashion Editor met with Emeka Egwuagu, a member of the Creative Team who recently styled ‘Catwalk: Attention’, a photo shoot focusing on combining unconventional locations and a rugged naturalistic look. Emeka is an exchange student from the College of William & Mary who chose to be involved in Catwalk due to its artistic opportunities. She praises the charitable aspect and hopes to take the skills she has learned back to William & Mary where she works with a photography organisation and has previously styled small shoots.

‘Attention’, was shot outside Madras College and at Morrisons supermarket, a step away from conventional postcard picturesque locations. The shoot embraces the grunge look and street style. It is purposefully not a perfect shoot, with Emeka explaining that it took shape as it went along. One of the models arrived to makeup in a fur coat and eventually wore it in the shoot, perfectly contrasting with the breakfast cereal aisle in which she posed. Emeka’s clever styling and creative photography angles from Paige Onouye and Maddie Tarr perfectly emphasise the different personality of each model. This shoot makes it clear that fashion does not have to be limited to the Parisian runways, the windows of Bond Street or the glossy pages of Vogue. It is something alive and active, taking shape around us in the aisles of supermarkets, on the catwalks of small universities and on the Facebook timelines of young enthusiasts. 

Catwalk 2017 takes place in the StAge at the St Andrews Students’ Association on Saturday 4th February. The show will be split into two halves and feature designers from St Andrews and the rest of the United Kingdom. Additionally some walks will feature outfits styled from local charity shops, a concept embraced by Label’s 2016 Fashion Show. A limited amount of tickets are still available from for what promises to be a unique event, embracing all different types of unconventionality and promoting acceptance of the extraordinary.