The Library Crush

If you're a student who has ever been in the library, you will without a doubt have had a library crush. The person who sits opposite you too often for you not to acknowledge each other's existence, but not often enough that you could ever add them on Facebook. So how do you even start to take this non-relationship to the next level? Label's take on it: don't.

Oh my god, there they are. Ok, what should I do. Should I look up and smile flirtatiously as they pass? Look down at my computer with a strained look of contemplation on my face? Maybe it’ll make them think I’m smart. No, no, that second one won’t work. I’m on Facebook after all. Oh, bugger, there they are. MAKE EYE CONTACT….Ok… so you just stared at them creepily as they walked by… I guess that works too.

Library crushes, we all have them. They may even be the worst kind of crushes possible. You know nothing about them except for what you’ve managed to gleam from your stolen glances in their direction. You know exactly where in the library they usually study, and you find yourself drifting into those areas as well. You know their face, their laptop case, their favourite jumper that they always seem to wear when it’s cold outside - but little else. And the worst thing about library crushes is: you never have an opportunity to find out more.

The issue is, on the silent floors, you can’t even strike up a conversation with them. Even if you could, what are you going to say? “Hey, I like your pen.” Yeah, like that would work. “Hey, I really liked the outfit you wore last Tuesday, you know, the day you sat by the window and turned in that essay you’ve been working on for the last two weeks.” You do that, and they’ll call the police!  No, instead you have to sit through the awkward glances and even the possible head nod as they walk by - you know, the whole, ‘I recognise you, but I’ve never met you, but it’s gotten to the point where if I don’t acknowledge your existence it’s weird’-thing.

So besides from a cheeky St Andrews Crush aimed in their direction, how else are we to make contact with these celestial beings that brighten our time in the miserable car-park structure that we call a library? Here’s my controversial take. We shouldn’t.

In my opinion, why ruin the ideal? What if this person who you’ve been low-key stalking for the past semester turns out not to be everything you hoped for? What if they don’t agree to have our wedding in the Highlands like I’ve been planning since the first day I saw them across the computer banks? Moreover, I for one work far better in front of my library crush; they keep me focused since I have to do my required reading every time they look up so that I can show that I am a hardworking, intelligent person. And, finally, as my library crush, it always gives me a bit of a thrill whenever I trundle off to the third floor to work. The ever-looming question of if they’re coming in today, and if I’ll get to see them. It’s a little bit of harmless fun. And, it makes all those cheeky flirtatious glances all the more exciting.