Pixie Lott, Pride & Pink Bikinis: Behind the scenes

Jo Boon meets with Pixie Lott to hear the new single, Won't Forget You. Pixie is a triple threat; her beautiful voice, acting experience in Breakfast at Tiffany's and dance training on Strictly have placed her back at the top of the charts, and close to all our hearts. Shout out to Mahiki Manchester for hosting such an amazing launch and allowing Pixie to show off her talents at their finest.

Pixie Lott’s single, Won’t Forget You, brings together the very best in performance. Her acting experience in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the show biz of Strictly Come Dancing, and her extraordinary voice have all melded to bring her latest music to a whole new level. The sensitivity with which she performs this song condenses a films worth of drama into a couple of minutes. I had the pleasure to hear her perform both the acoustic version, and with a backing track, at her Manchester launch in the brand-new restaurant/ bar, Mahiki.

Interviewing her beforehand, she confesses that she often prefers to sing the acoustic version as it carries more emotion- ‘If I could only sing one for the rest of my life- it would definitely be acoustic.’ It’s amazing that she can carry this much emotion through the song; given that break ups are (thankfully!) not her area. She’s been with her fiancé for years, but she says she draws a lot of her inspiration from friends and empathising with others- an actress through and through.

Her performance at Pride certainly captured the hearts of Mancunians all over, and it’s great to see her back so soon. (Keep an eye out for upcoming performances!) I couldn’t resist asking where she got the iconic pink bikini she sang in at Manchester Pride, and was thrilled to hear that it came from Nasty Gal. Pride, female entrepreneurs and a fabulous singer- what a perfect combination!

Thankfully, Pixie loves Manchester just as much as we love her and it was great to hear her rave about the city and how vibrant it is. She certainly chose an amazing venue, Mahiki, to perform in. Mahiki only launched last week but has already gathered a loyal fanbase, drawn to the underground, escapist vibe. Filled with bright colours, drinks served in pineapples and tunes to sway along to- it’s the ultimate getaway vibe and definitely worth checking out when you get chance.

Mahiki and Pixie Lott combined was the perfect combination, and a much-needed antidote for the end of summer. The song itself is an absolute classic; a timeless exploration into break-ups and the bitter sweet memories that follow; something that most of can relate to. The intimate crowd gathered to hear her clearly absolutely adored her- the fabulous Dolce Gabbana dress certainly helped, but it’s the sensitivity of her voice that wins people’s hearts.