Not here for your entertainment

Samanthe Lee opens up a conversation about Halloween costumes, and calls on us all to dress exactly as we damn well please. How you dress is never an open invitation so if you want to dress to kill this Halloween then don't let anyone tell you not to.

Halloween is my absolute, hands down, I shall never be swayed, favourite holiday. It is a time for adventuring and getting creative. It provides a brief respite from the usual critics of our often highly judgmental society. You can pick a costume that is totally and utterly you, highlighting your favourite personality traits, or the things you are most proud of; or you can build an alter ego and play a part fully anathema to your everyday persona...the choice is yours.

Yet, as a female, the question of whether your costume might be “too slutty” and garner unwanted attention is of great concern to many, especially in these times. However, if you want to embrace the Mean Girls’ mentality that “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut,” then you should feel free to outfit yourself in that manner without the fear that you will be groped or harassed as a result.

In light of all the recent Harvey Weinstein allegations, and the Me Too hashtag, the issue of what women were wearing has been raised far too often. I don’t believe a woman's attire should be considered remotely relevant in any of these cases. Looking hot is not an invitation. As the utterly fabulous Cate Blanchett recently said at a style awards show, “Women like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to fuck you.”

We live in the 21st century. The idea of a woman confidently enjoying her own sexuality is not a new concept. That’s not to say that some nights we don’t quite fancy the attentions of the opposite (or same) sex, we just might not desire them every night. Don’t worry… we’ll let you know.

That being said, regardless of how anyone may be dressed on a night out, I find that a good rule of thumb is to view everyone’s body like a famous work of art and treat it accordingly; i.e. you can look and admire, perhaps respectfully compliment, but you cannot touch without express permission.

So ladies (and gentlemen) celebrate with vigor the wild and adventurous spirit of self-expression that epitomizes Halloween, and if it turns out that you are vibing with your inner goddess, let her out to play. Put on those naughty school girl skirts, little black cat dresses, or red devil corsets. The prerogative is yours.