Halloween Beauty: 5 Easy Looks with Eyeshadow and Liquid Liner

Haven’t thought about a Halloween costume for tonight, with it looming just around the corner? Looking for something interesting without breaking your bank? Try out Lauren Archer’s 5 easy Halloween costume looks that only need eyeshadow and liquid liner!


Mummies are a classic Halloween costume that almost everyone can wear with just some Loo roll bandages and white clothes, but we strive to make that last minute costume look next level. With some black liquid liner and gold eyeshadow you can give your mummy look a sleek Egyptian Eye of Horus. Apply gold eyeshadow all over your lid and a little bit of black into to the outer corner. Blend this black into the crease and then start on your liquid liner. Create a thick Cat eye on your upper lid that has a long tail. Outline your crease with the liner and connect it to the tail of your cat eye; then draw a parallel line on your under eye that mimics the Eye of Horus. Not only will this enhance your mummy look even further but it’ll make your costume stand out from the rest of the crowd!



At some point in everyone’s university career they’ve owned something leopard print. Whether it be for that one sport social or a Spice Girl’s party, its a classic to any Halloween wardrobe. A way to make this costume much more interesting is by adding a little leopard print makeup to your face! With a wet brush you can easily dab some pigmented gold shadow into spots on your cheekbones and temples. Then with your black liquid liner, outline them to make leopard print spots! To bring this feline look together, apply gold eyeshadow all over your lid, draw on a cat eye, and create a cat like nose with your liquid liner.



A new and trending costume this year is a Mermaid! Who doesn’t want to sparkle and shine on Halloween? In order to nail this scaled appearance you’ll need a colorful eyeshadow of your choosing (blue, green, purple etc), liquid liner and fishnet stockings. First pull the fishnet stocking over your head. Then apply the colorful eyeshadow on your forehead and cheekbones with a beauty blender over the stockings; this will give you the appearance of scales. Take the stocking off and add the same color eyeshadow onto your lid and blend. Add some liquid liner and the look is complete!



Want a spooky costume but tired of the same old cat and vampire scheme? Try out this webbed look! All you need is black/purple eyeshadow and black liquid liner. First create a spooky smokey eye by applying purple eyeshadow all over the lid extending it beyond the crease. Then, with black eyeshadow, apply close to the upper lash line, outer corner, and your bottom lash line. Blend until desired look and apply a touch of a liquid liner to your upper lash line. To create the web make 5 dots in an arch like shape over your eyebrows with the liner to outline the longest stretching parts of your cobwebs. Draw vertical lines connecting these dots to your upper lash line. Between each vertical line draw small arches creating a web on the top of your eyelid and eyebrows. To finish the look continue these strings on the bottom lash line from your center lash line to outer corner. Create your bottom cobwebs starting the center of your eye to the outer corner. This spidery look will make your night out look extra spooky!



Taking inspiration from the hit movie “IT”, this final look will be a scary clown! For this you’ll only need black eyeshadow, dark red eyeshadow and black liquid liner. First use the dark red eyeshadow all over your eyelid and then fill in the crease and outer corner with black eyeshadow and blend until it creates a eerie smokey eye. Then draw an outline of a triangle coming from the eyebrow with curved sides. Fill this triangle in with black eyeshadow and repeat the same process for your under-eye, but add a dot slightly past the tip of the triangle. Draw a circle with your black liner on the tip of your nose and fill in with the black eyeshadow. This next part is optional to the look: take your liquid liner and create an extended smile stretching the corners of your mouth outward. Fill in the space with the black eyeshadow on the outside and dark red as it gets closer to your lips. Fill in lips with a dark red lipstick and you’ve nailed a horrifying clown look for your night out!