You want me to wear my intelligence like an accessory

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You want me to wear my intelligence like an accessory;

Slung around my shoulders like an old Gucci coat,


Finely cut and expensively purchased – contained,

Wrapping me up with a charming, tinted irony;


Slightly too much, perhaps, just on the odd occasion.

Disassociating- yet bragging to your friends,


My arse looks fitter to you when I quote Nietzsche,

and Camus has a pleasanter cadence through painted lips.


You want to be able to slip that coat off and guide me,

hand on my back, through the crowded circus of strangers.


I doubt you could tell me what exactly I think,

The mere fact of thinking is quite enough for you;


‘Clever is the new sexy’ and I’m the winning ace;

Passed through other players hands until finding yours.


I have been called a catch more times that I can count;

A keeper – someone to take home to your mother,


The charm fades when you discover the constant cold:

How I wrap my coat tightly around at all times,


I am not to be caught; and the person who keeps me

Will know with damned certainty that I am not to be kept.