Nail Polish Remover that is Effective and Nourishing

When it comes to shopping sustainably, there are so many things that we tend not to think about in day to day life. It's worryingly easy to harm the environment with buying patterns, because so many companies don't take these concerns into account. Fortunately, new companies are springing up all over the place and others are being forced to listen to buyers interest in buying ethically.

When I got back from my graduation week, I was desperate to remove the nail varnish I'd coated my toenails with (finger nails would have been a step too far for me.) The first product I turned to was a sample I was recently given: fresh therapies nourishing natural nail polish remover wipe. It worked really well, and one wipe was plenty to completely and cleanly remove all the polish from my toes.

Whilst everything was made with natural ingredients which I love, you have to think about the packaging as well, of which this sample was highly wasteful. I'm sure that normally these wipes aren't packaged separately, and whilst this is one option, I'd also recommend using organic cotton and a liquid remover if you can find one with ingredients you're happy with. It's always a balancing act and this product was certainly lovely and efficient, so not to be ruled out completely.

For me personally however, I've realised that I don't particularly like nail polish and consequently won't buy anymore, or remover. I find it a hassle and think I only wore it to perform some gendered expectation. If that's you as well then really the most ethical decision you can make is to cut these products out entirely. It's much better for your wallet and the environment to not keep buying these products.

Don't beat yourself up if you do love nail polish though! I certainly won't be giving up all make up any time soon so it's just about realising what you actually love, and it's worth finding organic/ vegan/ ethical versions of, and what you can just cut out completely.

~ Jo ~