5 Products to Help You Look More Awake During the Wind-down to Christmas

Lauren Archer’s top tips for looking more awake during this wind down to Christmas. Whether you're a student struggling through the revision slog, or are hard at work for these final weeks- everyone is starting to look a little tired by the beginning of December. If you're someone who enjoys wearing make up, then here are five creative styles you might like to try for a brighter look in these festive winter months.

Every year the dreaded month comes around where students in University are trying to function on a few hours of sleep, many cups of coffee and an ungodly amount of hours in the library. There’s a reason everyone becomes so zombie-like during revision and exam time. Here’s good news; these 5 quick, easy-to-use products are going to keep you looking fresh and awake all through the month!

Colour Corrector

The thing I see most on my face after only a few hours of sleep, is dark circles under my eyes. I always get comments that I look tired or ill because of them. FRET NOT. I swear by peach colour correctors now. I swipe some of the peach colour corrector under my eyes and it as if I’ve had a week’s worth of sleep. Of course, nothing is as good for your health as getting the real thing- but, lets be honest, 8 hours of sleep may not always happen at this time of year, so get creative with make up and experiment with what works for you.



This product is part of many people's make up bag, but I consider this a holy grail product. I lay it on top of the colour corrector for a flawless finish. Not only does it help with dark circles but it also helps even out your complexion when you swipe some across your cheeks, forehead, and chin and blend. Whatever your complexion, colouring or gender there is a concealer out there for you- and some great sustainable companies that are developing their range as well!



Highlighters are known for giving you that extra glow on a night out, but also for brightening up your face on a day to day basis. This product will keep you looking perky and awake both indoors and out. I blend some into the inner corners of my eye, cheek bones and tip of my nose to give myself that 8-hours of sleep brightness. Highlighter is possibly one of the most fun products to experiment with, and can be so expressive of your personality- whether it's for every day wear or to get you into that party spirit.



Personally, I find blush to be one of the underrated everyday products. So often, people just throw on some foundation and head outdoors, but there are so many other creative ways you can experiment with colour and shake up your style. A brush of blush on your cheeks gives you just the right amount of colour to bring some vivacity back into your face. 


Lip Tint

While most people stick to chapstick during these colder days, I highly recommend switching to a brand with more pigment. It’s crucial to bring colour and light back to your face when you are sleepless and stressed, and your lips are a major focal point! Look for a product with long lasting colour as well, so you won’t have to worry about touching them up throughout the day after coffee or lunch breaks.