Gender Free World: Clothing Without Labels

Check out our interview with the inspirational company, Gender Free World.  We are thrilled to be showcasing their designs again, so make sure you're there on the 21st February to see these gorgeous shirts at our exhibition, Ebb & Flow. We cannot recommend them highly, so check out their designs at

How would you describe Gender Free World to someone new to the brand?

Gender Free World is a shopping space where we like to focus on fit. We will not ask and do not care what your gender definition is.

What makes your clothes different?

Our shirts are designed as a halfway house between bespoke and off the peg. If you want one of our shirts we hope our customers, after having checked out the size guide, will have confidence when buying one, knowing that we have taken into account the variations in bodies. We have 3 different body shape templates and 7 sizes. Charlie: classic fit, for those who have similar proportioned hips and shoulders. Will fit women and some men. Billie sizes are made to accommodate a larger bust.. Alex for those with wider hips and larger bottoms. Because we have 21 variations per shirt design (more than any other manufacturer we know of) our shirts will fit better.

Who has been particularly important to the founding of GFW?

The individual shareholders who put their hard earned cash into this project and shared our faith that we were onto something exciting and different from that what is currently available in the fashion world.

Our model, Marcell, walking the runway in a shirt from GFW at our first show!

Our model, Marcell, walking the runway in a shirt from GFW at our first show!

What have been the highs and lows of the experience so far?

The first high for sure was receiving our first lorry load of a thousand shirts! Followed by fantastic feedback and emails from individual customers saying how delighted they were that we had stepped in to fill this space. As with other small startups, lows occur perhaps when we realise the breadth of the task in front of us, in steering this project into a sustainable scale. With such a small team we endlessly multitask and juggle all the different things that need to be done – add on a layer of the demands of home life, it can be tiring.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

While exploring some ideas around gender and clothing my business partner and I went shopping for shirts. Lisa (Director) loves to wear shirts and is always frustrated by the availability of interesting shirts in ‘menswear’ departments which don’t fit her; and the proliferation of frills and ruching in ‘womenswear’ departments which she doesn’t want. As we explored the menswear/womenswear departments on the high street we were struck by so many odd binaries in both the buying experience and also in availability of products.

We want to combine our love of a classic cut shirt with fun and striking fabrics – essentially providing more choice and better fit than what is currently available on the high street.

What is the most important message you want to get out there?

Be true to your individual style – wear the clothes that excite you, ignore what mainstream society might have to say about what is appropriate for your gender (or for that matter what is in / out of fashion). One of our T shirt’s slogan is – just me, no labels, and I think that sums it up nicely!