"LIVE YOUR LOOK" by Milk Makeup

Our Beauty Editor, Gabi Bouvier, introduces a new make up brand: Milk. They are making waves in the beauty industry and use models from a diverse background, to show how creative make up can really be. Each model is named and rather than promoting one norm of beauty, a reflection of personality seems to be prized above all else. We love Milk, and hope you do too!

The makeup industry for so long has been stalled. Brands come out with new products all the time, but the marketing, the models, and the target audience barely seem to change. The faces of Lancôme and Estée Lauder always seem to be white cisgender women. If you know the models, it is because they are celebrities; not because the brand credits them in advertisements. Larger than life women with unattainably clear, wrinkle free faces urge us to buy the latest 'in' products. If you, as a consumer, want to look as great, to be as great, as the celebrities who grace the covers of Vogue, you'd best be buying their products. 

However, every year we make steps, subtle and small, to change the way marketing works. I'd like to introduce you to Milk Makeup. Milk is a relatively new makeup brand born of the media company by the same name; a brand I took one look at, and fell in love with. Not because of the products, which are admittedly pretty awesome, but because of the ethos and the marketing. MILK is fresh. It has people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds modeling all sorts of different makeup styles. Their videos explore distinctive looks that are meant to express and represent the unique person wearing it. And there is such a lovely range of looks on display. There were certainly more subdued makeup styles targeted at those who prefer subtly, but there were also models showing off bright blue eyeshadow or silver colored eyebrows.

This is a brand that is trying to model a little bit of everything for everyone. And their models are doing a fabulous job. Men who wear purple eyeliner, older women who society might consider 'past their prime', and people whose aesthetic leans towards androgynous are all on display, something I don't think I have ever encountered in the marketing makeup world before. Best of all, Milk names the people in the pictures on their website, and these aren't celebrities whose names are already widely known. These are people without perfect teeth, or with a lot of freckles that would normally be digitally corrected. Milk has unique models, but they are more than faces covered in makeup. They are people sharing with the world their take on a heretofore narrowly represented creative sector.