EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes with the award winning FabUplus Magazine

Have a read of our exclusive interview with the award winning FabUPlus magazine www.fabuplusmagazine.com  Their goals are perfectly in line with our own, so make sure you take a look at their amazing content. It's so important that we support each other within the body positive community, so take the time to find what else is out there and what other projects inspire you. 

How would you explain Fabuplus to someone new to your magazine? 

FabUplus magazine is the worlds only body positive, health, fitness and lifestyle print magazine with weight neutral content dedicated to the plus size community.

Who founded the magazine, and what was their inspiration? 

Shannon Svingen-Jones founded the magazine after her own body positive journey - tired of magazines that did not represent the plus size community in the area's of health and fitness so she decided to create her own.  

How did you get the magazine started? 

FabUplus was born out of a passion - a passion that the founder Shannon had to create a media landscape that would represent the plus size women in a positive light. 

What advice would you give to those still struggling with their weight or body issues? 

Your body is a unique and special gift - you can do amazing things in your plus size body - don't let yourself think any differently.

Who has been central to the success of Fabuplus? The editors, sponsors, anyone who's been particularly inspirational?

We have an amazing list of contributors within the body positive movement - from Jess Baker to Whitney Way Thore - but the one thing that makes us such a success is our readers - they are very special indeed.

What have been the highs of the Fabuplus journey so far?

The highlight for us has been winning the MIN (media industry news) award for one of the hottest magazine launches of 2016 - we were honored to stand among 30 other publishers to accept this prestigious award. 

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know? 

All bodies are good bodies - and it is our hope that all women will learn to love and except their bodies as they are.