GUINEVERE LAUNCELOT: A love story in Vogue

The story of GUINEVERE LAUNCELOT is one of the greatest love stories ever told; and this designer brand brings out all the themes of love, loyalty and loss into focus. Featured in Vogue several times, this outstanding clothing company has long been featured on the worlds most fashionable runways, and we are thrilled to be bringing them to St Andrews for you to enjoy this evening. 

How would you describe Guinevere Launcelot to someone new to the brand?

Founded in December 2013, Guinevere Launcelot is an innovative and trendsetting ready-to-wear luxury brand based in the UK. The The two designers endorsed by this label are Meiki Kyo and Hyeyeong Hailey Kim. These two talented designers bring heritages from the East, Japan and Korea, and inject avant-garde artistic vision and oriental philosophy into fashion. They are genuinely courageous innovators and visionaries who create exquisite and genteel garments for this brand.

What makes your clothes different?

Since the launch of the ‘Quietude of Flora’ collection, Guinevere Launcelot has positioned itself as a pioneer label with the use of Natural Mulberry Silk and Digital Printing technology to create great artist designs worldwide. Guinevere Launcelot bases it concepts on its own sacred trinity: a harmonious combination of religious imagery; the romance of oriental culture and serene innovation through technology.

How do you bring out the famous love story in your clothing line?

As our brand name is Guinevere Launcelot, which is a famous love story in UK, and the version in Asia is that the end of this story is a tragedy. So the designers eliminate gender division in their designs. They devote themselves to mixing the different concepts of male and female into every single piece of her design.  

Who has been important to the founding of Guinevere Launcelot?

The two designers- Meiki Kyo and Hyeyoeng Hailey Kim and the marketing manager Lance Zhang.

What have been the highs and lows of the experience so far?

Launched within 1 month, we received the invitation from Vogue to showcase our brand story on their 100th anniversary editions from July to September, three issues to introduce our brand name and stories which is our honour to be showcased on the biggest magazine in the world.

Surely we met several risks and challenges when we launch the brand, most of them are technical issues that as we require luxury quality of fabrics and printings. We have to put off the launch of new collections which reduced our sales a lot. But we always believe the quality of products is the most important thing for the brand right now. So we would rather to give customers best quality garments than lower quality to get higher sales.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

The designers draw the inspiration from traditional oriental culture and stories, especially the philosophy of Buddhism.

What has influenced your designs, and colour schemes?

The concept and story we want to tell customers and the story behind the designs will also influence the design and colour schemes. For example, the design- Quietude of Flora Peacock, the country background of the Japanese designer Meiki Kyo, drew Sakura in Pink and the Peacock in green, the concepts come from the Japanese and culture and Buddhism stories.

What is the most important message you want to share?

No Discrimination