Everyday Make- up Struggles

Make up can be an amazingly creative platform to express beauty and self expression. It can be a tool to allow yourself to reflect different moods, and enhance your natural style. It can even help you take on the world with refreshed confidence, knowing that your painted lips and lashes show you at your best. It can also be a frustration, time consuming and, at worst, a damned nuisance.  

Many of us who choose to wear make up, perhaps especially those of us who feel that we should, or even need to, have a... shall we say complex relationship with our powders and paints. Sometimes make up can help us feel confident and beautiful, whilst at other times the products we carefully selected seem to be almost deliberately working against us. 

Mascara looks sublime when it does its job but if we tear up, are attacked by the wind, or accidentally run our hands over our eyes then we can all too quickly transform into a panda. The same can be said for eye liner, even if you manage to perfect the ideal little flick in the bedroom, there's very little chance of it staying like that throughout the day. Whilst, the rain attacks our foundation, and creates white streaks that definitely weren't there when we left the house, the wind does the finishing job by transforming our slick hair unceremoniously into a candy floss cloud. 

I have very few suggestions to offer for these everyday make up struggles, but know this: you are not alone. Everyone who wears make up faces these challenges so don't judge others, and if you see someone frantically trying to fix the mess Scottish clouds created, then why not offer your powder or brush? We need to stick together in the madness of trying to pull our appearance together. If you think these issues are trivial: you're wrong. How we present matters to many of us, and a messed up face can affect our confidence. 

There are many small struggles of wearing make up that may not be immediately apparent. It might sound ridiculous, but I used to be very aware when kissing people that my lipstick and powdered nose were being smudged away in a very inelegant way. No make up at all looks significantly better than streaked blotches, and it felt like that's what I was being left with. Call me crazy, but when you're shown images of perfection everyday, is it really surprising we start to feel insecure about such things? 

In a similar vein, your make up may be on point for a night out, but will it withstand staying over at someone's house? It's not considered socially acceptable to ask to wash your face before a one night stand, which means that you tend to wake up with an elegant mask now streaked across their pillow, and smudged over your face. Not a great look. If this ever happens, or has happened to you: own it! There's nothing else to do at that point and hey, if you want to take your make up off before bed, there's no one to stop you. If you wake up as a panda with a candy floss cloud, then they're going to have to deal because, lets be honest, most of us don't wake up flawless. 

Most of us do not have perfect skin, and our make up seldom stays quite as we'd like, but flawless is for photo shop, not for the everyday. Or, to look at it another way, you get to decide your own worth: rock those smudges and streaks and show that imperfection is also pretty flawless.