The Colour of Confidence

To wear or not to wear colorful lipstick? Caitlin Krause offers her opinion on how colorful, fun, and bold lipsticks can be worn any day and everyday.

MAC Cosmetics has recently released a lipstick line called Colour Rocker, which stays true to its name by offering 28 new, bright, and bold lipstick colours to try and put some colour back into the nude-lip trend. However, this line has been met with some criticism, with magazines and makeup consumers proclaiming that these lip colors are too intense for everyday wear or that only certain people can get away with wearing these colors.

To which I reply: that is simply ridiculous.

As a self-proclaimed lover of wild lip colours, I can attest that all of these shades: from the deep brown to the neon green can be worn everyday if you style it a certain way. Lucky for you, I know the secret to wearing these bold colours daily, and it is an accessory that not many people talk about. The key to wearing these colours is confidence. Plain and simple.

Yes, confidence is this mysterious enigma that turns what seem to be colours most often seen at a rave into an accessible, everyday look. As a lover of striking lipstick colours, namely blues, purples, and greens, I have often been complimented that my lipstick always looks fresh and interesting, but then the person offering the compliment always follows it with the statement, “Oh, but I could never get away with wearing that.”

There is a pervasive misconception in modern culture that says that only certain people can rock specific make-up colours, especially the bold ones. It is assumed that only those with edgy style and a devil-may-care attitudes can pull off these bright lipsticks. Society has dictated that these colours are unnatural and therefore only those with a quirky sense of style would ever dream of wearing these colors in an everyday setting.

To which I respond with the following: every person, regardless of gender, race, age, or style can rock these bold lip looks. The only thing that is required is confidence. You can look amazing rocking a nude lip a well as a periwinkle one if you are just confident in yourself.

At the end of the day, makeup is a fun and creative way to express yourself. In no way do I have a vendetta against nude or neutral lipsticks, in fact I own and wear many of them as well as my more intense colors. However, I do not believe in limiting the colours you can wear simply because you are afraid of what society will think. Be confident in who you are and the makeup you rock, and forget about what others may say. Nothing looks as good as confidence, though that new teal lipstick you finally picked up from the store, might give it a run for its money.