Zarif: designing clothes with you in mind

Behind the scenes with Ula Rustamova who collaborates with her mum on an amazing fashion brand in Azerbaijan. These individually tailored garments are designed with you in mind, and take women's confidence as their starting point.

How would you describe the brand to someone new to the company?

Zarif is a fashion brand that creates unique pieces of clothing that aims to empower women. 

What inspired the name?

The name comes from Azerbaijani word "Zerif" which means delicate/distinguished/refined and sophisticated.

Where are you based?

The company is based in Azerbaijan, but it is planned to open a branch in the UK in upcoming months.

How can clothes be ordered?

The clothes for now can be ordered directly from social media pages. Unfortunately, for now, they can be ordered within Azerbaijan only. Certainly, in summer 2017 the orders will be available in the UK as well.


What do you  make?

My mom has been an artist for her whole life, and has been a fashion designer for the past 15 years. She has been making unique (individually designed and tailored pieces) for the most part of her career. For the past several months she has been designing and bringing to life her spring/summer collection.

How did the company come to be?

The idea of the company came from combining the skills of both of us - her amazing design, her team's tailoring skills and my somewhat newly established interest in entrepreneurship.

Is there anything you most want people to know about the company?

I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of women feeling special and feeling confident in themselves, after being designed for by my mom. When the clothes are designed in the way, that brings their personality, enhances their body shape and helps them see they are beautiful and unique in the way they are. And with this company, we attempt to bring those positive and empowering feelings to women across Azerbaijan and in the future, in the UK (hopefully around the world). It is not just clothes, but also the love and the intentions behind them.