Crunch Time

If you go out much, you have almost definitely experienced that point in the night that feels like "crunch time". The moment that the club is soon to close, and those who were on the pull realise it's soon time to leave. However, for some, this can take an uncomfortable turn, as the atmosphere tends to become intense and often hostile. Here's why we should all be careful in the way we treat each other when we feel under sexual pressure. 

The hour is 1:45. The union shuts at 2. It’s “crunch time”.

You know, when a certain atmosphere takes over the building and those who have come to pull realise that this fifteen minutes is their last chance for the night.

Of course, I’m an advocate for a one night stand. As long as it’s consensual and fun, by all means, use your confidence after a few drinks to flirt and flaunt your sexuality. I and all of my friends have at some point met someone on a night out and gone home with them - if that’s what you’re into, enjoy your university experience! 

However, even as one who is totally supportive of dance floor fumbling and consensual “random” sex, I have always felt profoundly uncomfortable in those last minutes before closing time when it seems that everybody with a silent wish to find somebody else looking for sex realises that their time is running out. It seems as though everybody loses any last sense of inhibition, and suddenly forgets that their fellow dancers are human. People make comments, start grabbing unwitting bodies, throw themselves at groups waiting for one last song, and generally seem to be giving everyone they come into contact with a silent ultimatum: “Are you going to come and have sex with me or not? It’s 1:45.”

Now I don’t mean to say that I don’t understand the pang of disappointment when you were a bit excited to share a bed with someone that night, and it’s starting to look like it’s not going to happen. I’ve definitely been there - I’ve maybe even thrown myself at someone I didn’t like just because I felt a bit lonely. However, the distinction I want to make is between the person who feels a bit disappointed, and the person who realises that their time is running out and won’t take disappointment for an answer to their night. These are the people with tendencies to make sexual advances without any word of introduction in the hope that the receiver is feeling the same time pressure. Just two nights ago, I realised the club I was in was soon to close because I felt a hand grab at my arse and a pull on my arm, and felt the familiar cold feeling that I was suddenly no longer regarded as a human with a personality because this person was feeling some intense pressure to end their night with sex. 

So please, when it comes time for the club to close, don't forget that everyone around you is human. Enjoy flirting, and enjoy your night out. Just remember not to let it become too intense, and respect the physical boundaries of people around you.