Our Story: The Message It Send

Not all women wear make up. Some men do. Not everyone exists within this gender binary. When it's that simple, why does the make- up industry and branding experts continue to ignore it?

All brands have a responsibility to define themselves, and to create a personal niche in an industry that has thousands of players. For the most part, beauty brands offer variations of the same products: foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows etc. The formulas, colors, and features might be different, enough that all these different brands survive within such a competitive environment, but behind it all, each brand has a story. Their history, and the reasons they give for you, as a consumer, to buy their products.

The story, or the "About" section of a website, is incredibly important. It is part of the reason why a particular brand was created. It explains how each brand is unique, and what it aims to deliver. However, it can also have a subtle, but harmful message, one that many brands have yet to rectify.

                                          'Designed for the modern, confident woman...'

                                                                    - Alima Pure

                        'Inspiration stems from the spirit of "the girl" and her makeup ritual.'

                                                                    - Marc Jacobs 

                              'We exist to make a positive difference in women's lives.'

                                                                    - BareMinerals

                 'We believe a woman is most beautiful when she looks and feels like herself.'

                                                                    - Bobbi Brown

                                  'Every gal should be able to put her best brow forward.'

                                                                    - Benefit Cosmetics

                  'RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup...'

                                                                    - RMS Beauty

                                 'We're committed to delivering real results for real women.'

                                                                    - Tarte Cosmetics

By not using gender neutral pronouns, whether intentional or not, these brands perpetuate the stereotype that makeup is for women.

A beauty brand's mission statement is as much about the customer as it is about the brand itself. There is always a target audience, whether it be those wanting Eco-friendly products, affordable products, or high-end name brand products. Each company defines itself in part, by who it aims to sell to. But there is no reason to limit the target audience by how they, personally, identify.

Makeup is not for one gender, or one type of person.


Disclaimer: I am a cisgender woman. This does not target me. However, I did notice this oversight in pronoun usage, and I don't think it's fair that some brands don't strive to have a more inclusive mission statement. Anyone and everyone should feel comfortable wearing makeup if they choose to.