Confidence in front of the camera

Confidence never goes out of style. Henrietta Easton discusses learning to gain confidence in front of the camera, and enjoying the limelight no matter what your body shape or size. 

Self-confidence is something that so many of us are lacking, and with unrealistic depictions of beauty everywhere, is it any wonder that we shy away from the camera? Modeling has never been high on my list of activities for this very reason. Wearing a great outfit may boost my confidence, but I’d still feel extremely self-conscious walking down a runway. We all crave that kind of confidence though, so how can we start to feel more at home in our bodies? I’ve started to try and see day-to-day life as my personal runway; fortunately, people don’t usually stare, unless of course my skirt is tucked into my knickers, so it’s a great way to ease into a newfound confidence. 

Much to my own surprise, I recently found myself standing in a long floral dress with huge curly hair, barefoot in a field with a camera pointing at me. In other circumstances, I probably would have squirmed a little and laughed, trying to hide how awkward I felt. However, my wonderfully talented fashion stylist friend had specially requested me and my two beautiful friends to model for her. For her, and because my friends were with me, I really tried hard to make sure she got the pictures she wanted, and for the first time I can honestly say I enjoyed it and I felt good about myself.

There was something about standing in that dress with bare feet in the evening sunlight, the wind blowing through my hair, and the idyllic setting, that meant I lost all my inhibitions. The dress had a definite seventies, hippy feeling to it and all that energy seemed to pass onto me. I haven’t felt that free in a very long time. There was something about being out in the open rather than inside in a stuffy studio that helped as well, it felt more natural and much less intimidating. The camera was directed at me, but for the first time I relished its presence.  

I have no aspirations to becoming a professional model, because that idea is still terrifying. I don’t even know how the pictures turned out, but that for me is of no consequence, because I felt like I achieved something just by being there. For a shy person to stand in front of a camera with the knowledge that the pictures were going to be seen takes guts. It is amazing how much of an impact personal aesthetic can have on confidence. Choose something you feel great in, go somewhere beautiful and relax; you might feel like you belong right there, in that moment, in front of the camera. Modeling is about confidence, and if you have that you will always look fabulous.