The Beauty of Health

Gabi Bouvier offers some top tips for balancing both beauty and health, look after yourself and your body will take great care of you in return. The cliché, ‘you must suffer to be beautiful’ could not be further from the truth.

1.Balance your diet. There’s no reason to eat less, or only eat vegetables, just make sure you have a little bit of everything. Make sure that, alongside your favourite sweets, you are also eating healthy fats, such as salmon, which has omega-3 fatty acids, or avocados. The former is great for healthy hair, helping it grow and stay shiny. Be aware that what you put into your body will be reflected on the surface.

2. There are multiple suggestions for how much lipstick a person consumes in their lifetime, some even saying up to seven pounds. Regardless of the actual figure, it can't be denied that we do ingest some of the products we use on our lips. It can be uncomfortable to look at the ingredient list of favourite lip products, and realize what you are ingesting might not be the best for you. Granted, in small quantities, it clearly isn't doing most people any harm, but it is also not a bad idea to consider brands that have edited their ingredient list to non-toxic, organic, materials. Consider providing your body with only the healthiest of makeup.

3. Moisturize and always have lip balm. Especially in cold climates, or for those who have skin conditions like eczema, moisturizing can be crucial. Dry, cracked, or bleeding skin and lips are uncomfortable to live with. There’s no sense in doing so when it is easy to moisturize regularly. Healthy skin equals happy (and beautiful) skin.

4. Make sure to exercise. It's often discussed how exercise can release endorphins and thus boost mood, but it also boosts blood circulation, and the resulting nutrients and oxygen delivered to your skin helps care for skin cells. Increased blood flow also helps to rid cells of debris such as free radicals. The damage of free radicals includes speeding up your skin's aging. Exercise also helps your skin naturally produce collagen, which plays a part in skin elasticity. Collagen is often used in injections to increase skin firmness.

5. Get enough sleep at night! This is crucial for so many reasons. Intellectually, lack of sleep can impact your focus, and your ability to process the day's events and learn new things. On the physical side, not sleeping enough is just as bad. Those under-eye-bags, puffiness, or facial lines that you use concealer to cover up are directly related to not sleeping enough. There may also be a link between not sleeping enough, and acne. Sleep is when your body can repair the damage of the day, to relax and reset. If you deny your body this, you aren't doing yourself any favours.