Congratulations on your grades, but please remember others' feelings

Congratulations! We hope you're happy with the results you got and that your plans for the future are starting to become that bit more real. However, if they're not- it's not the end of the world! You have a whole life time of decisions ahead of you and a 2/2 or a third or whatever you got, is not the be all and end all of life. So remember, whilst you personally may be ecstatic as the results come out today, remember that not everyone is in the same position and consider their feelings. 

I hope that today is a day of celebration for many of you as the official grades for 2017 graduates are announced. However, it's very important to consider that not everyone will be over the moon today, and that some will be facing disappointment. If that's you, and your grades are not what you hoped for, stay strong, keep you head up, and maybe avoid social media for a while. 

Social media is a brilliant platform, not least for sharing this article on, but it also has some major down sides as we've commented on before. [See previous article:] Posting your brilliant first may not be the best idea, at least for today, as some people seeing that will find it incredibly distressing. 

It's totally understandable that you want to celebrate and, of course, if you really want to share that with the world you have every right to do so. Perhaps for now though, consider just sharing the exciting news with close friends and family members. Does everyone you've ever friended on Facebook really need to know? 

If you're seeing a string of friends getting firsts on facebook right now, remember one very important thing: they are the exception. People post about it because it is an exception and you should not judge your own worth against other people's. A 2/1 can suddenly feel like a failure in the light of this comparison, which is ludicrous. A 2/1 is a brilliant grade and will enable you to do almost anything you want to, whether that's higher education or entering the workplace straightaway. 

We have a bizarre habit of focusing only on firsts and 2/1s at university, as if they're the only thing to exist. They're not. My sister got a 2/2, absolutely loves her job and is already earning the highest wage in our family, because she has numerous other skills that make her incredibly employable. You are not, and never will be, reduced to a number. This grade is not your self worth. 

So, whether you're popping open the bubbly or hiding under the covers with tea today- you will carve out your future based on your determination and resilience, not a number. Be kind to one another today, and lets create the kind of celebration everyone can take part in.