The Two Ends of the Beauty Spectrum

Grace Tepper discusses what she identifies as the two ends of the beauty spectrum, and everything in between. With the beauty industry constantly growing, there is no one 'in' trend, but rather multiple that can either be seen as complete opposites, or as working hand in hand.   

The world of beauty is a vast, cavernous place of all sorts of styles, routines, ideals and forms of expression. Limited only by one’s own creativity, there are infinite possibilities for exhibiting beauty in its every shape and face. Makeup trends of late have, in particular, celebrated two equally unique and worthy looks, which are undoubtedly on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. However, they often go hand in hand.

On one end of the scale, we see Instagram kings and queens sporting cut creased eyelids, highlighted cheekbones and plumped, defined lips. These beauty gurus have perfectly arched eyebrows and aren’t afraid to showcase their artistic sides with unbelievably intricate eyeshadow designs and bold patterns. This trend is all about full-face makeup and an almost otherworldly, god/goddess look. Full-coverage foundation, highlight/contour kits, and brow pomades are a few of the must-have products for many who love this style. For those killer brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills products are a go-to.

The other side of beauty is all about skincare. Korean face masks and skin treatment routines have recently gone global and have ignited a whole new beauty revolution. All sorts of face scrubs, masks, moisturizers and toners are being concocted to make one’s skin healthy and glowing. More of a minimalist take on makeup, the objective is to treat and enhance rather than to create and express. Brands like Milk Makeup are especially good for this, as their products like Sunshine Skin Tint are low coverage and even out more than they conceal. BB creams and clear, lengthening mascaras are also a great option for the minimalist beauty connoisseur.

Although these two looks are statements right now, there is definitely room to mix and match. A bare face with a bold red lip is a simple, “in” choice for one who desires a pop of color, and can easily brighten up any look. Also, treatment primers with specialized abilities, like those for acne-prone or oily skin, are great for skincare underneath that Instagram-worthy look. When it comes down to how you get ready for the day, the most important factor to consider is what will make you happy. Try something different every day, or have a staple routine. There are limitless options in the beauty universe for every look or mood. Go forth and conquer whatever style you set your mind to.