Two For Joy: The Popular Start-Up Making Leaps and Bounds in Sustainable Fashion

Two For Joy is a start-up fashion company with a difference: all their clothes are fair-trade and eco-friendly. Completely transparent and utterly passionate about storming the sustainable fashion world, Two For Joy create on-trend wardrobe staples that are not only responsibly sourced, but also don't break the bank. Jo Boon meets up with the company's Founder and Director, Sarah Jerath, to talk ethical fashion, body positivity and fairness for all.

It’s officially the first day of Autumn - grey skies, golden leaves on the ground, and the first conker has fallen. I’m in Manchester, so of course it is chucking it down, but I’ve just got back from meeting Sarah Jerath, the Founder and Director of Two For Joy, so the grey clouds are no dampener on my mood. Sustainable fashion is coming to Manchester, and the buzzing, quirky, entrepreneurial scene is growing in yet another direction.

There’s been a lot of hype recently about Manchester as an up-and-coming city; from the move of the BBC and Civil Service departments, through to the number of start-ups the city holds. Manchester is cheaper than London and, I would argue, just as entrepreneurial. Given this backdrop of constant innovation and development, I was thrilled to hear about the launch of a new fashion company, Two For Joy. This line is eco-conscious, pays the suppliers a fair wage, and is designed to last for far longer than a season.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about Two For Joy is how completely transparent they are. They’re already detailing their pricing on the website so that people know exactly what they’re getting. Sarah tells me she has no interest in charging people extortionate prices; it’s possible to pay suppliers a fair price and charge customers fairly. What’s fantastic about this is the conversations it is sparking:  people are being confronted with the real costs of fabric, transport and paying suppliers fairly.

When asked to sum up the company in ten words, Sarah tells me that they are: ‘socially conscious, responsibly sourced, good quality, fairly priced wardrobe essentials.’ Spot on - what’s not to like?

Sarah is brimming with enthusiasm and new ideas for Two for Joy, as we sit in Caramello’s café with the rain lashing outside. Caramello’s itself only opened just over a year ago, and is another start-up, and much needed addition to the Didsbury community in Manchester. It’s a great time to be here, as you can feel the energy and innovation of those around you. Two For Joy fits perfectly into this community, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they’ve gained such instant recognition. Their popularity speaks volumes about people’s desire for sustainable fashion, and a move away from the more destructive aspects of the fashion industry.

Sarah tells me that she hopes people will ‘wear them [the clothes] again and again, with confidence, knowing that the people on the supply chain have been paid fairly.’ It’s exciting to know that this is what we’re moving towards and she tells me with great optimism in her voice that she hopes the fashion industry will look very differently in ten years’ time. We all need to be a part of that shift, and start investing in sustainable fashion. Whether it’s buying from the ASOS or H&M eco-edit range; or, as I would encourage, shopping at wonderful smaller stores like Sarah’s.

Shopping at these smaller stores also has a more personal touch, which is something I think everyone can appreciate. One of the projects in the pipeline for Two For Joy is to do a photo shoot without models; just normal people with a diversity of figures so we can see what the clothes look like on different shapes and sizes. Body positivity and ethical fashion - their shop is a dream come true really.

Two For Joy’s range is absolutely stunning; chic, classic designs made to last. Their Autumn line is just about to launch, so make sure you head on over to their site to check it out now at