What Not To Do In Beauty

We all have moments where life gets the better of us, and we end up doing something we thought would go over fine, but end up regretting. Beauty editor, Gabrielle Bouvier, shares what-not-to-do beauty tips formed from her own experiences.


You may be tempted, or just not thinking it through, but here is what I suggest you do not do.

Do not.... 

 ....Paint your nails on an airplane. I know, you have nothing better to do, might as well sit there and let your nails dry. But trust me, there is ZERO air circulation. So, besides a rocking manicure, you are going to get a lot of angry stares and glares.

....Ignore expiration dates. So what if that lipstick is FABULOUS, and also seriously expensive to replace. You are better off throwing it away rather than discovering the new texture your expired lipstick has acquired. As far as I'm aware, clumpy lipstick isn't a trend.

....Leave the house without your lipstick tube. You might think you're only headed out for a few minutes, and you won't need a touch up, but likely, your friends will drag you to get burgers and you'll sit in the toilet after trying to fix the disaster zone your lips have become.

....Skip the base coat of nail polish and paint your nails black (or another similarly dark color). The whole point of a base coat is to create a layer between your nails and the paint. Not only does this protect your nails, but it also keeps the color from staining your nails.

....Pop a pimple while out and about. It might irritate you. It might get under your skin and drive you crazy. But resist! Because no matter what, the result will be a noticeable red spot that looks worse than the pimple did.

....Paint your nails right before training. Inevitably, during whatever sport you participate in, your new, fancy manicure or pedicure is going to get chipped. Honestly though, the only true method of not chipping your polish is to become a hermit for the three to five hours after painting.

....Buy a product solely because of the brand or (beautiful) packaging. The job of pretty packaging is to draw our eye and lure us in. But that's no good for us if the product itself is terrible. Even if a brand has classic and/or beautiful packaging, always check the product. Once it's on your face or body, no one will know or care where it came from.