Get Excited About Autumn

In light of the summer almost being over, Henrietta Easton explores the elements of fashion that we have to look forward to in the colder months of Autumn, and shows us how to adapt your wardrobe to be warmer without compromising on style.

Sadly….or maybe not so sadly in terms of fashion…summer, especially here in Scotland, appears to be over. Yes, it may feel far too soon and yes I only got to wear that one summer dress once on holiday. But summer will return and, for now, clothes are about to get interesting.

Autumn dressing can be a daunting and difficult task and having come straight from an end of summer holiday to a very beautiful but very fresh-feeling Scotland, it was a shock! Yet, it is a shock I am ready and willing to embrace with my clothes. The colder weather under no circumstances has to mean the immediate return of winter coats, of tights or of woollen scarves. Autumn clothes, in my opinion, are the most fun to style.

Layers are your friends. Instead of pulling out my big coat, I turn to multiple tops and big jumpers. This gives you an opportunity to experiment with different shapes and different colours without having to hide it all away under your warm duffle just yet. Think big jumpers with shirts and blouses peeping out underneath, the more diversity and layers the better (especially on cold days!) The colour combination of the season? Red and pink. Warming autumnal red welcomes the new season, but the pink reminds us of warmer days and sunny skies; it’s a lovely feeling to wear.

Colder weather also doesn’t necessarily mean you have to immediately wear tights and cover up every inch of flesh. On days when the sun is still shining it can still feel mild and keeping your legs out means you can show off your tan a while longer and soak up extra vitamin D before the sun hides itself away for winter. Long socks peeping out of boots or flat shoes keep some of your legs warm without having to revert to wintery tights, and embraces a look that is professional, preppy and also flattering and stylish for the start of the new semester.

Something I have also stressed so many times before is the importance, the ease and the stylishness of lighter coats like trench coats for this time of year. The trench is the prime example but there are many others of a similar kind that don’t make you feel like it is November already and it will never be warm again.

Autumn does not have to be the beginning of winter. Autumn is it’s own beautiful and individual season so don’t let winter take it over by dressing as you would in mid-December. It is important to remember that dressing for colder weather does not have to be depressing and you have every right to wear every colour under the sun and remind yourself and the rest of the world that the colder months are just as beautiful and exciting as the spring and summer. Never let the cold winds bring you down. Clothes can be a self-expressive armour and they deserve to be exciting, however cold it is outside.