The Beauty Brainstorm

What is the most beautiful trait or thing about yourself or the people around you? To Grace Tepper, the answer is actually quite easy: happiness. While everyone is different, Grace outlines her ideas for living and happier, and beautiful, life.


What I have noticed from those around me is that happiness is the most beautiful trait a person can have. With it comes an ease, and an infectious confidence. That doesn’t mean that happiness comes easy; most of the time, actually, it doesn’t. However, here are a couple little things that, if you put them into practice, could just make you feel even more happy and beautiful inside and out.

1. Wear your favorite look. Be it makeup, fashion, or something else, everyone has that one thing that makes them look and feel amazing. If it’s a not-so-great day, pull out that classic “you” piece and let it cheer you up exactly how it always does. Good vibes are gorgeous!

2. Appreciate yourself. Giving yourself credit for the things you do, big or small, builds up a habit of self-appreciation and self-love. If you do something that makes you proud, or if you feel good for any reason at all, let that show! As imperfect people, it’s important for us to recognize those little perfect moments.

3. Do something that makes you feel beautiful. Be it a sport, art, or hobby of any type, do something special to you. Knit a scarf, go to the gym, paint, sing; the opportunities are endless. Doing something to make yourself happy will probably make you smile, and that’s the most beautiful thing of all.

4. Surround yourself with people who remind you you’re beautiful. The best people are those who remind you that you’re beautiful. And beautiful in all ways, be it intellectually, internally, externally, anything. Support from those around you makes your confidence, and beauty, grow.

5. Retail therapy is great (in moderation). While this is never a permanent fix, it’s undeniable that a little bit of shopping, or splurging in some way, eases the mind for a little bit. Sometimes a good spree is just right to improve your mood, and whatever you buy will make you feel even more stunning than you already are. When all else fails, always a sale at Sephora.

    While these are only a few suggestions, everybody is different and realizes their beauty in different ways. The important thing is to find just what works for you, and focus on those little daily reminders that boost your happiness levels. It may take time, but everyone finds their rhythm and methods of mindfulness that bring them joy. Just remember: as Annie once pointed out, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.