Five body positive illustrators you need in your life

Here are our top five favourite body positive illustrators. With so much negativity and body shaming from the press and in the art world; these fabulous illustrators are a breath of fresh air. There are loads of other body positive artists and activists out there, but here are our top five to get you started. 

1.      Tara O’ Brien

Tara’s work explores people, and other creatures, of all shapes, sizes, colours, sexual orientations and gender identities. She attempts to promote body positivity and self-love within everyone and everything.  Tara has prints and other items that you might like for sale in her store, and loves to do commissions. Instagram: @taraobrienillustration


2.       Jonquel Norwood

A lifestyle and beauty illustrator whose work emphasizes plus size fashion. In 2015 she designed the cover of popular plus size magazine Daily Venus Magazine’s holiday issue. Jonquel has also designed her own line of cosmetic bags and sold them at various venues. She is dedicated to illustrating the lifestyle of the chic curvy woman and her mission is to show style has no size. Instagram: @jonquelart


3.      Rachele Cateyes

Rachele is a fat positive and pro-intersectional feminist, artist, vegan and queer fat femme from Portland, Oregon. Her illustrations of superfat babes in crop tops and fat positive messages encourages radical body acceptance and offers representations of bodies like her own. Instagram: @radfatvegan


4.      Melly Em Clark

The body positive movement isn't just for women! Melly Em Clark's vibrant celebration of male body positivity always brings a smile to the face and raises a much needed point about inclusivity. She draws people of all genders looking absolutely fabulous. Melly takes commissions for portraits, in case you want to be drawn in Melly's signature style. I mean, who wouldn't? Instagram: @mellyemclark


5.      Frances Cannon

A multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in drawing and painting in ink, gouache and watercolour. Much of her work focuses on the female body and psyche, and can be viewed as diaristic, as it is primarily based on personal experience. Frances' work examines what it is like to be a woman in contemporary times; looking at ideas of body-love and body-loathing, anxiety, relationships, sex and sexuality, gender, and bodily functions.  Instagram: @frances_cannon