How to Destress on a Plane

Katherine Barbara Montana shares top tips for a stress free flight.

Flying can be a nerve wracking and very stressful part of life. From delayed flights to turbulence, traveling by air can be a scary experience for even the most experienced travelers. Here are some tips to relieve some of this stress:

1. Arrive at the airport at least three hours before an international flight.

This is an age-old rule, and it is very important. Security, especially in the mornings, can get very congested and can take up to a few hours to get through (believe me, I’ve been there). Allowing yourself this three hour grace period ensures that you are not rushed for time to get to your gate and prepare for your flight.

2. Get a good night’s rest before your flight.

A lot of people over the years have suggested staying up all night before an early morning flight so one can sleep on the plane. This is problematic for many reasons. One of these is that if you do not sleep well before the flight, there is a high chance that one’s anxiety is increased, ultimately making travel more stressful than it needs to be. Getting a good night’s rest can decrease the amount of stress that travel inevitably causes.

3. Pack gum for the flight.

This one might seem odd, but it works wonders. Chewing gum on a plane not only pops your ears in the air but also can distract you whilst the plane is taking off and landing, if you get nervous whilst they occur.

4. Make a friend on the plane.

Finally, the best way to destress is to find someone to share your experience with. Whether it be another student who is also traveling with you or a friendly person sitting next to you on the plane, saying hello and asking about someone’s day is proven to help decrease anxiety. Making a friend at the airport can ultimately be the best way to fly happily.