Silhouettes, style and substance: the designer with it all!

Rose Appleton is a young designer with a powerful new take on shape and style. We cannot wait to showcase her fabulous collection on the Label runway, this April 13th- tickets can be found HERE. Jo Boon had the pleasure to discuss Rose's work with her, and find out more about what inspires her designs.

What inspired you to start Rose Appleton?

Starting Rose Appleton has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Having lways had a love of fashion and design, I decided to study Fashion Design at university to learn more about the construction side of fashion, as well as the Industry.

Since graduating with my first full collection, I have been working towards constructing a new collection, as well as improving my website to have an online shop so that it is more interactive to fast fashion and approachable to all the general public.

How do you think fashion can communicate personality?

My belief with fashion is that, as much as a number of people say they do not care what they wear, the idea that ‘they’re just clothes’ is incorrect. Every single person wears clothes – could be a style they like, a religious style or a simple design that that person prefers. Fashion is a way in which an individual can express themself without saying anything. A silent expression.

Why is the silhouette of a dress so important?

The importance of a silhouette creates the way in which a dress or garment falls on a person. It could be to accentuate curves or to convey that you are taller than you actually are. A silhouette can complement a person as everyone wants to look the best they can.


Where do you see the interconnection between fashion and art?

Art and Fashion are pretty much the same industries. Art influences designers in all kinds of ways, could be the silhouette of something like a sculpture, looking at history of art as well as the shapes and styles of traditional / modern art.

What has influenced your work?

For my influence, my influence has always been an emotional experience or an emotional topic. My last collection was inspired by the process of a living body in comparison to the life of a flower. I looked at the area of emotion linked with death, mainly because of the loss of my father, who suffered from Cancer and died just as I turned 18. Flowers were a symbol that everyone uses and gives you when you lose someone close but also as a way of celebrating; so that is why I used the life of a flower to convey the story of death in my last collection.

Why do you enjoy being a designer?

I love being a designer because any idea or anything you see can inspire you to make something new. There are infinite opportunities for design ideas and that’s what is so exciting! The huge variety of fabrics also enables me to create similar silhouettes but with a diversity of texture. It is also a way in which I can express the way I feel which can be share with others.

What do you most want people to know about your clothes?

My designs are something that I like to make unique but with influence from emotion. I would love people to buy and wear my clothes with pride knowing that there is a story behind the design. I take pride in the garments I make, and hope that others will enjoy wearing them as much as I like creating them.