What style lessons can we learn from our future princess?

Henrietta Easton writes an ode to the style of Meghan Markle while highlighting the fashion debates that our future princess brings to light. 

Whatever your view of the royal family and whether you’d like to be in Meghan Markle’s shoes or not, it is hard to deny her style, her elegance and her grace. Faced with such a daunting prospect and upheaving her entire life just for Prince Harry (I mean who can blame her), she has done an admirable job of introducing herself to this country. The most effective way to do this, as she has probably learnt from other members of her new family, is through her clothes.


Miss Markle has rewritten the meaning of the British term of ‘Princess’ through her refined yet diverse sense of style. Through this she has managed to understand the position of us, the viewing public. We see her singularly in pictures and news reports, usually on the arm of her much-loved fiancé, and so it is her clothes that we notice first and foremost. What is most refreshing about her is the way in which she has managed to maintain her elegance whilst dressing totally and completely un-royally. This is not to say that to dress ‘royally’ is a bad thing, but it is certainly refreshing to see someone breaking the rules a little. The dress she wore in her engagement photograph, for example, was sheer-fronted. Perhaps a risky move for a new member of the royal family? Maybe, but it paid off. Not only that, but it was made by an under-the-radar British designer that reporters had to look up on the Internet. From the very beginning she has shown that she intends to do things a little differently, and nobody seems to be complaining.


In her first official evening engagement with Prince Harry she chose to wear an Alexander McQueen trouser suit, not the usual choice for female members of the royal family who for evening occasions tend to opt for jewel encrusted gowns. Her choice here not only showed her as different once again but it completely aligned itself with the current Hollywood debates about gender inequality. She really knows what she is doing.

 Her sense of dress has also reflected concerns about the environment, a red-hot topic at the moment. At an engagement a few weeks ago she wore a coat by Stella McCartney, the forerunner of eco-friendly fashion, and a pair of jeans by Hiut Denim, a sustainable Welsh brand.


Her clothes are not stand-out or attention seeking because they are brightly coloured or they because show a lot of skin, but because they speak to issues close to the hearts of many people whilst remaining sleek, minimalist and extremely stylish.


It is obvious that she dresses in order to match the standard of her husband-to-be and not to outshine him. However, just by doing this she outshines everyone in the subtlest way possible. Her attempts to not simply be the centre of attention, her clever nods towards current fashion and cultural debates and issues and her constantly wide smile have showcased her intelligence, her style and the good things she can bring to this country.


I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to see her wedding dress.


All images from Getty Images.