Riona Treacy: designing for the strong, sexy and stylish woman

We can't wait to showcase Riona Treacy's amazing designs on the Label runway this April 13th. She designs for the strong and sexy woman, but her clothes also have an elegance and practicality. You really can move and live in these beautiful clothes- with each cut and colour designed with real women in mind.


What inspired you to start Riona Treacy?

I started my label, Riona Treacy, in 2012 by chance really. I was offered a temporary concession in Brown Thomas (part of the Selfridges Group) as part of CREATE, to promote Irish Designers, and it kind of went from there. 

How do you think fashion can communicate personality?

Fashion is so important in expressing who we are and our personalities, but also it conveys a mood or a tone. Some days, I will opt for an all-black androgynous uniform, other days I will be vibrant and colourful, but both are expressions of my personality.  

Where do you see the interconnection between fashion and art?

I see fashion as wearable art, like when a 2D print design idea realised in 3D, or even something more sculptural. 

What has influenced your work?

I find beauty in all sorts of places and fashion helps me express that, no matter how extraordinary the source. My background is in textiles, so for me, the garment is determined by the fabric. But the idea behind a collection can come from anywhere, an experience I have had (good or bad), a new place I have visited, or something I’ve witness in nature.

Aligator Dress.jpg

Why do you enjoy being a designer?

Ever since I was a young child I knew I wanted to be creative and make clothes, long before I even knew it was a career choice. When I lost my baby teeth I remember making clothes for the tooth fairy out of flowers and scraps of fabric, and measured their body size on my fingers. I always get such a thrill seeing my idea realised on a human body, when it quite literally comes to life. Also, I have never enjoyed being told what to do, so at least this way I have the freedom to exercise my creativity every day in my own way. 

 What do you most want people to know about your clothes?

Each Riona Treacy garment is hand dyed and made in London. It is really important that everything is made locally. Each piece is made with the modern woman in mind. I like my clothes to make women feel strong and sexy, without having to be too constricted or too revealing. I don’t believe women need to show their bodies to be sexy. Elegant and interesting is always sexier than showing too much skin. 

Shibori Polo.jpg