YOJO: Ethical creativity at its finest!

YOJO is about creativity and sustainability at it's finest. Each piece is unique and allows your personality to shine through. Jo, the founder of Label, had the pleasure to interview Joe, the founder of YOJO, to find out more about this iconic brand. We cannot wait to showcase their collection on April 13th; grab your tickets HERE to see them on the Label runway.

What inspired the name of your brand, YOJO?

YOJO is actually the result of what it wants to stand for: creativity. By nature we are all lateral thinkers and wanted to create a brand that could communicate far beyond its meaning. We focused on aesthtics and sound to blend the japanese origins of ceramics - our signature material - with our Italian roots and this is how YOJO came about.

Who has been important to the brand's direction and your current line?

It's been a one person job for long time. As it happens for most emerging designers I came up with a concept and started off from what I like most: create and design. I was then lucky enough to immediately find Danilo, Rossy, Tommy and Claudio who loved the project and prevented me from doing things I am not very good at. Danilo - an award winning art director - has been amazing at representing visually the brand concept and develop the brand image. Rossy - digital expert - and Tommy - fashion blogger and stylist - have been fantastic at communicating it and Claudio - experienced operation manager - has been the mind fighting my heart on all things operational.

Why is sustainablity important to you?

I love this question. And the answer for me is that it shouldn't be a choice anymore. Designers shape the world and we are socially responsible for whatever we create. As a designer I always try to identify myself in my creations and as a human being I could never compromise on certain values or totally ignore well known social and environmental problems. With our line of silk and ceramic accessories we managed to create a product with almost zero impact on the ecosystem. We also embraced modularity and waste reduction on our line of silk and ceramic bow ties. The journey was super long and difficult but now we are super proud.   

What statement do your accessories make? 

The OXYMORON collection was born to re-define classic accessories with a contemporary twist, elaborated at the essence but minimalist at glance. The baseline of our work was the belief that fashion is not a brainless way to show off a social status but the most relevant way to express your diversity and story, so we designed our line for those men and women who wants to make a unique creative statement through the way they look and style. 

Where do you see the line between art and fashion- is there one?

Right at the crossover. The brand itself was born with the intent to explore the intersections between fashion and interior design. Each one of our creations begins in a ceramic lab and stays there for almost a week until the artwork is fully fired and completed. It's only at this point that the pieces go to our studio where our seamstresses and tailors sew the silk componenets stich by stich and assemble everything together with an incredible eye for detail. But it's not just about the design concept and production process itself...to me the interrelation between fashion and art that we built at the heart of our collection reaches its highest expression at the end of the design process when we all meet together to evaluate dependencies and constraints... its such a compelling experience looking at art from so many different angles. 

If you had to sum up the brand in ten words, what would you choose

conceptual - artistic - ethical - diverse - contemporary - authentic - handmade - relevant - creative

What do you most want people to know about the business?

We will be presenting our new Japanese-inspired collection in June and are currently working on a number of new materials to introduce a new flagship accessory at the end of the year. There is a lot going on so stay tuned on our social channels and join the #yojo journey.