Wedding Outfit Conundrums: What to Wear?

With 'wedding season' fast approaching we consider stepping out of the box and buying an outfit to last for years to come.

On 17th March 2018, British Vogue published an article online entitled ’20 Best Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses.’ Yes, it is ‘wedding season’. Paperchase is fully stocked with wedding planners, photo frames, invitations and guest books. Most of these things are the worry of the bride and groom for months before their big day as the consumerist modern wedding attacks their consciousness. However, wedding guests have their own predicament: namely what to wear.


So far, I only have one invitation this wedding season but as I am at the age where the invitations start pouring in, I thought this was the appropriate opportunity to invest in an outfit I can wear repeatedly. Yet, as with people, every wedding is unique and that means a variety of dress codes. Morning dress and black tie are fairly common dress codes but to my original dismay, the invitation I have boasts neither. It is an afternoon wedding that will continue into the evening. How am I supposed to cater for such an event in one outfit and also ensure it can be worn on multiple other occasions?



It is true that the wedding is not until July, but dress shopping is a great form of procrastination! After trawling through multiple websites and looking in numerous stores, I still could not find what I was looking for which in my mind was a dress coat with a dress in a complementing colour that was roughly knee-length. It would facilitate dancing but also be appropriate for morning dress in future years.


As often happens, my mother was the person who eventually solved my wedding conundrum. While shopping for a pair of black heels for graduation, (which I have still not bought) I stumbled upon a hat. It turns out that building an outfit around a hat is actually effective, though we seldom wear hats these days. I quickly fell in love with the tilted, royal blue hat with spiral decorations and a hydrangea flower perched on top and bought it on the spot. I now had a hat but absolutely no idea what to wear with it.


Fast-forward ten minutes and my mother had hustled me into a fitting room with a beautiful asymmetrical full-length blue chiffon skirt. It felt absolutely right but the thought of knee-length dress was so ingrained in my mind that I didn’t buy it. However, by the time I had reached home I had been persuaded to purchase the skirt and to find an Edwardian style blouse to go with it.


I am now the proud owner of a rustling skirt that will be perfect for dancing and make me feel like a queen for the day.  The white lace blouse to bought go with it transfers me back to the Belle Époque and the hat just tops the outfit off. You may be thinking that white and full length are an absolute no-no for a wedding but I promise you that as long as it is worn tastefully and confined to a small part of your outfit, white can absolutely be worn. Plus, who ever said that full length was forbidden. I feel like a queen and as long as you feel comfortable at a wedding, no one can reproach you for your choice. If it was the wrong outfit, or would outshine the bride, you would definitely know.


To add to my feeling of triumph, the hat will be able to be worn to countless other weddings in the future. The blouse can be worn with anything from black pencil skirts to jeans and the skirt will come in handy for sure. Perhaps I will wear it to a ball, perhaps to another wedding. The future can only tell.


I am so excited to wear this outfit and I urge you to push the boundaries of wedding outfits. Just because it is not your day, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to feel fabulous! And I have learned through this experience that transferable separates are definitely the way to go with wedding outfits. Will I choose blue, gold or silver heels? I am excited to find out!