Be you, be beautiful, be Barrocco Tribal

We cannot wait to showcase Barrocco Tribal's culturally diverse and beautiful pieces on the Label runway this April. Jo Boon had the pleasure to chat with Roberta about what inspires her collection, why diversity and sustainable practices are so important to her, and where she sees her company going in the future. 

What first inspired you with the idea for Barocco Tribal?

Barocco Tribal came as a natural progression from the things which gave most substance to my life: my passion for travel, my artistic work as a dancer and my love for traditional fabrics.  My first designs were tailored for dancers but have now evolved to suit a variety of markets. 

Why did you choose this name?

The name Barocco was a creative play on words. ‘Baroque’, a stylistic movement prominent in Italy which emphasised the dramatic and elaborate ; ‘Tribal’ reflecting the empowerment we feel as women when together. I wanted a name which sounded strong, encapsulated my brand and reflected my Italian roots. 

Where is the interconnection between fashion and dance for you?

Have you ever danced without a care and just felt amazing? My clothes add an artistic element to that process. By wearing a Barocco garment, you radiate stylistic individuality and feel great! 

How do different cultures represent themself in your clothing?

The fabrics we select hold strong cultural heritage to the countries of origin; Antique silk saris from India once adorned a bride on her wedding day; HarrisTweed, a traditional fabric woven in the Outer Hebrides.

Where do you see Barocco Tribal going in the future?

With an expanding cliental base from all corners of the world I see ‘Barocco Tribal’ becoming an exciting global brand with endless possibilities of new creations and unique fabrics. 

What do you most want people to know about your clothing?

Sustainability,  responsibility and ethical practices are fundamental to our ethos.

Be you, be beautiful, be Barrocco Tribal.

Meet Roberta, the women behind this inspiring clothing brand!

Meet Roberta, the women behind this inspiring clothing brand!