Preparation is Key

We all live incredibly busy lives and preparation is key when transitioning from work to meetings to social engagements all in one day. 

It’s a Wednesday morning and I open my wardrobe doors. Today will feature working from 8am to 1pm, two back-to-back meetings, an impromptu lecture, a dance rehearsal, another meeting and dinner followed by drinks. With such a busy day I doubt having time to change clothes at all. This describes a busy day for me and doubtless for many other people. The problem presented is what to wear. How do I balance work-wear with dance clothes and clothes that are smart enough for dinner. With so many of us living busier and busier lives this is a common problem.


I start by laying out some dance leggings and a camisole and stashing deodorant in my handbag. Whether male or female it is a wonderful idea to always carry around deodorant: it is surprising how useful it can be and how fresh it makes one feel. I can dance in bare feet and this sorts my dance problem. Now to work out the rest of the day… I often go with the principal that it is very easy to be under-dressed in a situation but over-dressing a little can never hurt. If you are confident in what you wear then nobody can legitimately criticise.


Therefore, I dress for the evening from the beginning of the day. A skirt and silk blouse with flats will do for work and meetings and I slip a pair of heels and a string of pearls into my bag for the evening along with a lip-liner and bright lipstick. If I were male I would probably dress in trousers and shirt and throw a tie into a bag for later.


Now I can get on with my day easily and not have to worry about being inappropriately dressed for the situation. As obvious as this may seem, preparing ahead of time is not a skill that people always seem to possess. When I spent a summer working and studying in London, I always had both heels and flat shoes with me at all times. With a quick change I could match a situation appropriately and I always felt confident. The real key is to have a bag that is large enough to carry everything that might be required in a single day. I also have a little makeup bag with concealer, mascara, lipstick, plasters and basic medication. Often I also carry a needle and thread.


Preparation is the key to being successful with a busy schedule. Make lists, have miniature toiletries and always remember the usefulness of the ‘Mary Poppins’ bag. If you are confident in yourself and prepared for anything the day may bring then you will have done all you can to ensure the day will be a success.

I close my wardrobe doors and pick up my bag knowing that I have all I need for the day. I walk out of the front door with a spring in my step and head to work as the sun rises above the horizon.