Top Ten Tinder Tips: how I met someone in a fortnight

Here are Label's top tinder tips on how to make the most of this popular, but often elusive, app. An incredible number of people have tinder but very few use it to good affect. I'm a firm believer that by following a few simple rules, you can find what you're looking for from tinder. 

1) Only swipe right if you'd be pleased they approached you in a coffee shop

This rule is golden! Do NOT fall into the habit of swiping right for the ego boost of people matching with you. If you're using the app to meet people; whether that be friends, a partner, or for casual sex, then you need to find people you actually want to hang out with. Following the tips below, you can become highly selective about who you will say yes to.

2) No group pictures in the first photograph

No one has time for this. It's too confusing and defeats the point of tinder as being about two people connecting. When swiping through, you need to be able to see who it is you're considering matching with. If they have a group photo then it seems they have either not understand this goal, or gives the impression they're trying to hide something with their picture. Keep things simple, and narrow your choices to those you can recognise instantly. 

3) Every profile should have at least some information

Having said this, it's nice to think that tinder isn't entirely shallow and a lot of people are hoping for a more genuine connection. If the bio is empty then swipe left- how can you make an informed opinion when you have no information? Every profile should tell you a little about the person; you can judge from there whether or not you think you have enough in common.

4) Don't match if you don't want to talk to them

There's absolutely no point in matching with someone you're not going to talk to; it will simply clutter your account and make everything feel messy with a heep of unmarked profiles. If you connect and they message first, then fantastic, problem solved. If not, then try to message them within 48 hours- if you're not interested in messaging them within that time then you're clearly not that interested in getting to know them, so just unmatch. 

5) Never match with more than ten people at once

This tip is a great way to get you thinking about who you actually want to talk to, meet and spend time with. If you're just killing time on the app then use it in whatever way makes you happy; but if you'd actually like to meet people then you need to start narrowing down as soon as possible. A lot of people spend 95% of the time swiping and 5% of the time talking- if anything, this should be reversed!

6) Clear out your account every week

In order to keep to your ten then allow yourself to clear your account out every week- if someone hasn't replied in that time then they're probably not interested. If you're really keen then leave it; you never know they might be away, busy or have a broken phone. If you're on the fence, however, then simply unmatch and allow yourself to match with more people that you think you'll connect with.

7) Try to steer clear of selfies

This is a challenging one to stick to, and is more of a pet peeve that may not bother you as much. Personally, I have found that the best conversations with people on tinder are those who had profiles that reflected their interests and who had friends to take pictures of them. Most people have selfies and if there's one or two then fair enough, but at least steer clear of it for the first picture- self absorbed is never a great first impression.

8) No nudes, no bedroom photos, no inappropriate messaging

If you're looking for casual sex you may have a different attitude to this, but I would still make sure you're prioritising your safety! If you're looking for friends or to date then please steer clear of naked shots and bedroom pictures.

9) Get off tinder as soon as you can, and into the real world

The best tip for the successful use of tinder is to get off tinder as soon as possible. Ideally you want to transition onto WhatsApp and then into a face to face meeting as soon as you feel comfortable. By following all the above tips I was on and off tinder within a fortnight. Within that time I met two amazing guys- one I've decided I just want to be friends with; the other I'm really excited to see where this goes. The tinder app is now deleted and gone from my phone. If you're strict with yourself for a few days then you can seriously spice up your love life in the long term. 

10) Try to be honest with people in your life about tinder dates

This is the part I'm absolutely rubbish at. I still feel there is a massive stigma around online dating, no matter how much I convince myself it shouldn't matter and that I have no judgement for those who met online. Where possible, try to be honest about how you met someone. There's no shame in it and it's always best to start a relationship being honest with each other and those around you.