Travel in Style

For the second year running, Not Just Yoga hosted Travel In Style, its travel themed charity catwalk show to raise money for Fraternity Without Borders. Label had the great pleasure to attend this show in London and find out more about the creative minds behind this exciting enterprise. 

The fashion exhibition and live art show was designed in support of the charity, which works to alleviate poverty in Mozambique. Unlike many charity events, Travel In Style is first and foremost a creative endeavour, with the goal of bringing like-minded people together to collaborate and network, whilst also supporting a worthy charity, and providing a great night out for guests


What was exciting about Travel In Style was its refreshing take on a classic catwalk show. The elements were all there: models, clothes, music, lights. But at every junction, the show made choices that were approachable, inclusive, and just plain fun. This reflects a clear creative choice by Susan Yu, of Not Just Yoga and the founder of Travel in Style. It’s her intention to make Travel in Style a collaboration between artists, charities, and those who support them. Models, makeup and hair artists, and stylists have the chance to network with influencers and bloggers, and everyone contributes to the show, in time, money, or creative energy.

The design of the show demonstrated these creative connections, most notably featuring a live art piece being crafted by Gustavo Nenao, a Brazilian graffiti artist. The room was lit up in colours and decorated with graphic black and white pop art, punctuated with bright swatches of colour. The show took place in a yoga and fitness studio space, close enough to be cosy but with a long enough catwalk that the models could engage with the audience, pose, dance and enjoy their walks. There were eight scenes, each showcasing a different unique designer which built from swimwear and casual looks to more formal, aesthetic pieces by the end. From start to finish, the models were clearly looking to show off their personalities, as their walks reflected a variety of styles. This didn’t come across as disorganised, though, but rather as highly personable and realistic. It’s also worth mentioning that bloggers with dogs were sitting in the front row, and the canine companions were just as excited by the models dancing and smiling as the rest of the audience!

The designers featured in the showcase were Anderson Club,  Cako Boutique @cakoboutique, Fox in a Glove @foxinaglove, Jonathon Andy @jonathan_a_cerruto, Richardson & Squibb @randsfashionist, and Sorry I’m Different @sorryimdifferentofficial. Each collection had a unique feel, but the pieces in each scene played off each other beautifully and were well-styled. It was clear that the models felt comfortable in their clothes, and even in the more dramatic and avant garde pieces, their excitement shone through.


Travel In Style has the creative power to become a fixture of a show, expecially given it’s charitable roots and community feel. It’s a refreshing break from more traditional shows, where there’s often a pressure to act, look, and perform a certain way that can take the joy out of an event. The Travel In Style format is an ideal canvas for more envelope-pushing, creative ideas to take hold in fashion, not only in the clothing, but in the way we think about fashion and performance on the whole.