Recreating Food Trends at Home

Ever been curious about trying new food trends, but don't want to spend the money? Krishna Patel shares some simple ideas for experimenting with food trends in your own kitchen - for less.

Food is a constantly changing medium, always bursting with new ideas that, with the rise of social media, are shared and reworked all over the world. From the recent popularity of vegan superfoods to the pricier gold-leafed donuts, the internet is swimming with food innovations. With so many insta-worthy food trends and so little time, why not try to recreate some of the industry’s biggest gimmicks in your own kitchen?

Master of Disguise

Add a bit of a twist to any dessert by disguising it as another food. With summer on it’s way, what better way to enjoy the heat than with a cool slice of watermelon... cake! Simply slice the top and bottom off a large watermelon, carve off the green rind and frost with cream cheese icing for a picnic treat that’s cool for the summer.


Avocado Appreciation

It’s a millennial obsession that’s featured in everything from overpriced brunch to ice cream, but there are some yet undiscovered perks of the noble avocado. Blending it with some cocoa and sugar is an easy vegan substitute for buttercream frosting on your chocolate cupcakes. Alternatively, use a small amount of mashed avocado as a butter or oil substitute when pan frying - it's healthier!

Unicorns Galore

It’s the trend that just doesn’t want to let go: just when you think they’ve turned every type of dessert into a glittery pink concoction, everyone’s going crazy for a new mystical menu item. Not all have been well received, however - notably, Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappe seems to have left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Here, I reveal my take on the Unicorn Frappe: simply add a few tablespoons of rose syrup (sold at Tesco or on Amazon) to a glass of milk or non-dairy substitute and add crushed ice. Now for the fun part! Top with whipped topping and decorate with as much glitter and sprinkles as you want. BAM! An insta-worthy unicorn bevvy to enjoy on hot summer afternoons.